Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alaska Day 8 - Kenai Fjords Cruise

Since words just don't do justice to the majesty and beauty of the Fjord National Park and all that we saw on this 6-hour cruise, I'll just post photos of what I saw and let them tell the story.

Bald eagle

Humpback whale breaching

Humpback whale 'winging'

Humpback whale playing

Humpback whale

Sea Otter

One of several large Orca pods

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Glacier along the way

Holgate Glacier - note kayaks to right.  Gives a sense of scale

Holgate Glacier - note people in right sense of scale

String of small islands

Unusual gap with rock captured

Murres and Puffins

A Humpback whale dives

Another humpback whale in a different area dives

Returning to Seward

Most of the folks on our cruise were a group of Germans
from a cruise ship

The Fjord Cruise route - data from my Garmin GPS watch

When the tour was over and everyone went their own ways, I walked across the little street to a walk-up espresso bar and ordered a cappuccino.  I took it back across the street to a tiny little pocket park along the harbor and sat there sipping my coffee and people-watching.  Across from me was Mount Marathon, site of the infamous Mount Marathon Race, a 3.1 mile race straight up the side of the mountain.  It started as a bar bet - how else do foolish traditions get started.  Today it's an annual event, held every 4th of July.  The race slogan goes something like this:  "If you're not bleeding from at least one spot, you didn't try hard enough."
Mount Marathon, viewed from the harbor area
You can just make out the trail they use to run this race.  Yikes!

Day is done and I hitched a ride back to the lodge on their hourly shuttle bus.  I'd been eating fairly frugally on this trip, several times bringing restaurant dinner leftovers back to my room for the next night, twice buying foot-long Subway sandwiches and getting two meals out of them. So this, my last night in Alaska, I am treating myself to King Crab legs!

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  1. Such great photos from that cruise. It is awesome you got to see some much sea life.