Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Girls Go For A "Walk"

It had gotten to the point where I could hardly go out to the garage without feeling enormous pangs of guilt seeing two gorgeous, powerful motorcycles just sitting there, ignored and unridden. 

A couple of weeks ago I removed the XM Satellite Receiver from my Garmin cradle and sold it to a fellow MTF member.  At the same time, I removed the SPOT Locater cradle from the BMW handlebars and found a new home for it, as well.  I wasn't using either of these very much, if at all, this past year, but the subscription fees for both of these services was adding up to a mighty "pretty penny" over time.  Doing this - removing these items from the bike - reminded me once again that I simply MUST get these girls out for some exercise and it must be done sooner, not later!

So last Thursday I made the time to top off the air in their tires and to clean and lubricate the chain on the Yamaha FZ6.  I laid out my riding jacket and pants and cleaned the visor on my helmet.   This weekend, one of these girls is going for a ride!!

There's an intriguing little restaurant in La Grange, TX that I've always wanted to visit.  It sits right on the really beautiful courthouse square and is about 115 miles away from home, a nice distance - not too far away, yet far enough to give the bike battery a good charge and burn through a full tank of gas.  It's one of those little boutique types of restaurants, open for the lunch hour, closing mid-afternoon, opening again for the dinner hour during the week.  And then serving only brunch from late morning to early afternoon on Sunday.  An email invite to a friend who lives outside of Austin and a plan was made to meet for Sunday brunch, he coming in from the west, me coming in from the east, a near-perfect mid-way meeting point. 

The weather this past Sunday was beyond glorious!  High 40's in the morning, low humidity, blue skies.  Perfect riding weather!    Just cool enough that a jacket liner was called for.

Zooty BMW was my ride of choice this day, only because she already had the GPS cradle in place.  So off we went!   

A section of the Beltway - the only reasonable route from my house to the west side of Houston - is closed to traffic as it's being widened between my usual entrance ramp and west of Almeda, but luckily it was Sunday morning and traffic was light.  But once past that stretch, it was smooth sailing, up the Beltway, onto I-10 west, then north on US 77 out of Columbus TX to La Grange.

Bistro 108....a sweet little restaurant with an elegantly casual dining room indoors, and a stunningly beautiful and private little patio out back for al fresco dining.  Grapevines - their little baby grapes just starting to emerge - and fragrant Rosemary encircle this intimate little patio. 

The brunch menu was brilliant!  Just the right mix of brunch offerings - omelets, waffles, eggs benedict - and heartier dining fare such as encrusted salmon, pepper-crusted roast beef and other equally interesting dishes.  The Prix Fixe menu included entree, choice of fruit or green salad, choice of two sides, beverage, and dessert.  For $15.95.   Really hard to beat that!

The roast beef was perfectly served....rare, exactly the way I like it.  Spinach and artichoke casserole, twice-mashed potato casserole, fruit salad, coconut cream pie for dessert.   Oh, my!!  I had enough left over for another meal and considered bringing it home with me but, in the end, left it behind on my plate.

A nice lunch, a nice visit with a good friend, and then it was time to head home. 

An impromptu nursery was set up on a corner of the town square, displaying its colorful "wares" and doing a brisk business.  If only I weren't on the motorcycle!  Hard to resist buying a new plant baby for the garden!

An equally uneventful ride home in this beautiful weather!  It even included a coyote trotting across the road in front of me as I departed La Grange and a close-call fly-by from a Great Egret!  We were on a head-on collision course - I even ducked reflexively - until the egret gained enough altitude to clear my head!

Zooty got a nice 230 mile run this day, topped off with a fresh new tank of Chevron-with-Techron gas! 

It was a good day for a lunch ride.  Next up for a ride:  Fuzzy, the Yamaha FZ6!


  1. Funny since we are not doing a National Park Tour this year, the FJR has been sitting more than it has be ridden. I have been so destination driven for the last 6 years, I feel lost with no place to go. I am participating in one Grand Tour, but the towns are limited this year as well. I did get a chance to really clean the FJR this past weekend, so that was one positive result.

    Your read rang so true


  2. What a great day for a ride. Meeting friends for a meal is the best excuse to ride I think. It looks as though you found a pretty place too.

    I laughed when you said you ducked the egret. I laugh because I was in our Subaru the other day and flinched when a squirrel cut across the road launching himself at an incredible speed in front of the car. It was like I was on my bike and I was trying to avoid him. Muscle memory is a good thing.

    Have a great weekend.