Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring in All Its Glory in South Texas

Spring has come in fits and starts here to south Texas.   Just this week we posted record low's, with temps down into the low 40's overnight - twice!  While I was away week before last, we had rains so heavy one day that they effectively relieved the drought situation in the greater Houston area.

These two weather circumstances have joined forces to bring us an especially lush and beautiful spring!

Maggie - antique rose

White Achillea

Amber Sunset daylily

Antique single rose

Baby Bear daylily

Baby Blankets miniature rose

Clematis-Nelly Moser

Confederate Jasmine

Indian Hawthorne

Knockout Rose buds


Belinda's Dream rose bush
Amber Sunset

Barbary Corsair


  1. Ooooh I wish I had smell-o-vision. I know they smell as nice as they look, especially the roses and jasmine.

    I am glad spring has spring for you.

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures.

  2. Very nice photos, especially the very last one. It leaps off the monitor