Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Spring Garden Beauty

This is such a fabulous time of year in south Texas!  The gardens are bursting with beauty!  Here's more:

"Barbara Mitchell" daylily.

Clematis "nelly moser."  I shouldn't be able
to grow this so far south into zone 9, but
judicious selection of a spot has resulted in
beautiful blooms.

Clematis "nelly moser" trellised next to the deck
and given passing shade by a large Althea bush.

Hosta - another plant not suited to zone 9.   Ordered online
from and leafing out nicely.

pretty "Blue Cadet" hosta, emerging from dormancy, also not suited for zone 9
 but careful horticulture and it's done well for many years. 

Cute little "Elijah Blue" ornamental grass.  I call it
my blue porcupine.

Reliable and low-care blooming succulent

White Achillea

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  1. Beautiful blooms. The Nellie Moser is a favorite of mine, but sadly we don't have one in the yard.