Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting Caught Up

I've really fallen behind, so it's time to write another installment and I can't think of a better place to start than on Mother's Day, 2013.

It was the perfect excuse to go visit my son and his family, so plans were made to drive to Mandeville on Friday after getting a long run in, and then staying until Sunday afternoon.  But Mother Nature had other plans.  I hurried to get showered and dressed after my run but while it was cloudy during my run, the skies suddenly turned ominously black as I got ready to go.  Not thinking too much about it, I got on the road and headed for the highway, the rain starting to get heavy and visibility worsening the further east I drove.  But the torrential rains and pitch-black skies creating zero visibility ultimately forced me to turn around and return home.

Maybe I'll wait a couple of hours and try again.  I logged in to to take a look at the radar weather and saw the wide red band of storms covering I-10 from Beaumont to west of Houston and moving east.  Maybe I won't wait it out after all.  Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow morning, get up very early, and get to Mandeville mid-morning on Saturday.  And this is exactly what I did.  Alarm was set for 4:15 AM and I was on the road before 5 AM and heading east to Mandeville.


Nice visit with family!  Trevor is really into Lego Creator sets.  They're complicated designs recommended for ages 7-12, yet he's only 5 and does really well assembling them, with only a little help from his dad.

There was method to my daughter-in-law's madness of asking for a stick vacuum for mother's day.  Don't tell Trevor, but it wasn't a gift for was a trick.  Vacuuming is now on Trevor's chores list.

The kids and their dad go for a bicycle ride around the neighborhood.


Big, gooey cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning - Mother's Day - and then we piled into the car, drove to the center of town, and took a walk along Lake Pontchartrain. Destination:  A little play time in a pretty playground park along the lake.

Lots of big fish in that lake!

My son's homemade from-scratch pizza in progress, though I had to leave for home before it was ready.  He started the dough before we left for the park, but when we returned to the house for lunch, it had not risen much at all.  They'll have it for dinner, instead.   
Yeast soaked, and now cake flour, oil, crushed fresh rosemary added.

My son is better at this than I am, that's for sure!

With some regret, I headed for home Sunday afternoon.  Wednesday I leave for Illinois and need the next couple of days to get ready and packed.

Next stop:  Quincy, IL for the Bridge the Gap half marathon on Saturday.

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  1. Wow, you sure can get some nasty storms in Texas.

    Looks like a wonderful trip to see the family though, your grandkids are so cute.