Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bridge the Gap Race - In The Books!

Update:  I placed 2nd in my age/gender group!!

Well, it was a hot one, all right!  And to think it was only a month ago that I was scraping ice off the windshield the morning of the Carmel, Indiana race. 

This week I watched the forecast for Saturday creep up from ideal starting temps in the low 50's to a start temp of 70 degrees.  This was eerily similar - only in reverse - to a couple of races I ran earlier this year: race day temps much colder than forecast.  Birmingham AL in particular was one where the temperature forecast kept plummeting as the race drew near.  Carmel IN was another where the temperature on race day morning was considerably colder than originally forecasted a few days earlier.  But this is what makes it interesting, right??

Quincy IL race day morning temp at 8:00 AM - the starting time for the race - was 70 degrees.  Our first two miles took us out across the Mississippi River on two bridges, one to Missouri, the other back to Quincy. shade.  And there was little to no shade for much of the remainder of the route, as well.  By the time I crossed the finish line, the temperature was 76 degrees.  Definitely one of the hottest races I've run!

My Garmin GPS tracks

But I survived it, the only casualty being my finish time, slowed down by 6 or 7 minutes from what I would consider a good finish time.  And the best part was having Jackie Joyner-Kersee put my finisher's medal around my neck and let me give her a big hug.  Very cool!!

I told her she was my hero!  And she was!  She was the primary reason to watch Summer Olympics through the 80's and the 90's.  She and Carl Lewis, a UH track standout, were not only tops on the track, but were attractive and articulate representatives of the sport and a big inspiration to youngsters all over the country.

Finisher's medal:

What the map looks like now:

Next:  GoGirlRun half-marathon in Columbia MO.  But in the meantime, a few days of downtime in Hannibal MO. 

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  1. Very cool hug at the end of that race!! Funny how you hit that certain temperature where running is just perfect or damn hot.

    Good job on another finish. Meg and I did our 5k in 40 minutes yesterday. Not great, but good for us.