Friday, May 10, 2013

And Then It Was Fuzzy's Turn

So...the BMW got to go for a nice long ride on Sunday and Fuzzy, the Yamaha FZ6 - was feeling slighted. 

But not to fear, pretty little girl.  Your turn is next!  Tuesday morning, in fact.  No excuses, just like getting up and going for a run, I didn't stall, didn't let myself get distracted, just geared up, went out to the garage, moved the Garmin GPS to the FZ6 cradle and fired her up!  I love the sound of this in-line four motor as she springs to life!  A touch of the starter button and she's instantly on and purring like the tiger in kitten's clothing that she is.

Unfortunately there would be nowhere fun and exciting to ride to....just a rather short 80-mile loop south to Angleton, west a few miles, then north on FM 521 to Rosharon.  I actually love this route.  There's always something to see on FM-21 - cattle, horses, freshly plowed or planted fields, rice paddies, odd and strange farm equipment moving slowly along the shoulder of the road.

I had my camera with me because I sort of half-hoped I'd spot someplace that remotely resembled a "country store" so that I could continue the "virtual tag" game that's underway at the MTF forum.  I did a little bit of research using google maps, but couldn't really find one of this dying breed of family business to take a photo of.  And I really didn't want to extend this ride much beyond my planned route. 

Maybe next week, if the tag is still available, I'll put more effort into searching for a photo op.

So a shorter jaunt on Fuzzy with the promise to get her out again for a longer ride next time.

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  1. Sometimes it is just nice to get out and ride aimlessly through the countryside. It sounds like a nice ride even if you didn't find a country store.