Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not Quite....But Almost

On my way to Indiana and I'm potentially in harm's way.  A band of strong storms stretches from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and is moving east.  The challenge is to stay ahead of it all the way to Indianapolis.  Can I do it? 

Not wanting to get pummeled by hail or picked up by a funnel cloud and dropped several miles away in a muddy corn field somewhere, I checked the weather forecasts along my route and calculated that I'd need to leave the hotel in Poplar Bluff, MO no later than 7 AM.

6:45 AM departure?   Check.
Lunch meet-up in Moonshine canceled?  Check.
Gas fill up before getting on the road?  Check.

Okay.  The race is on.  Heading east on US 60 is heading in the right direction.  Heading north on I-57 is not.  Time was lost by stopping at two, count them, two different McDonald's before scoring a hot latte.

Fifty miles south of I-70, I lost the race.   The sky was black and rains had reached me.   Heading east on I-70 was at least traveling in the right direction again.  A quick gas top-off in Casey IL and then back into the frey.  Terre Haute IN gave me hope.  There were glimpses of lighter sky ahead, visible beneath the dark rolls of clouds.

The respite was brief, only long enough to find the hotel, pull my luggage out of the car, and walk to the front door.  Soon after, the storm line caught up with  me.


  1. Whew, glad you managed to dodge the storm. Hope it doesn't last long. At least you made it to the motel.

  2. We didn't out run our storm on I70. It was the worse storm we have ever experienced. So bad when I was able to get off the interstate, just before turning into the parking lot of a restaurant, I knew I wouldn't be able to make the turn. We literally got blown off the bike the wind was so fierce. Makes for a great story, but when it was happening not so much :)

    1. How scary that must have been!! But I agree...they're white-knuckle scary when they're happening, but make great stories when told in retrospect over a cold beer or a glass of good wine!