Friday, April 26, 2013

Nashville, Indiana in the Rearview Mirror

A "boil water" directive in Nashville, IN?  Really??   I learned of this as I was walking into the McDonald's in town, looking forward to a nice hot latte to start my day.

Thursday morning I awoke early with an ill-defined yet uncontrollable need to get on the road to Louisville.  I'd already packed nearly everything into the car the night before, including my coffee and Cheerios.  In truth, I had no need to get on the road so drive to Louisville was less than 80 miles. 

I know!  I'll stop for breakfast at McDonald's on my way out of town.  Get a Sausage Egg McMuffin, a large hot Latte.  Eavesdrop on the Spit & Whittle clubs that occupy nearly every table at this particular McD's.  I couldn't help but notice the popularity of this McD's with the local senior citizen population when I stopped here on Tuesday during my morning run. 

But that's where the plan came to a screeching halt.  What's this?  Signs were posted EVERYWHERE at this McDonalds - inside and out - declaring the Boil Water situation.  No fountain drinks, no water, no iced or hot tea, and no McCafe products.  The heavy rain from earlier in the week was creating some flooding problems in central Indiana so, apparently the water supply in town was in jeopardy.  Well, darn!  I ordered a regular coffee instead, but it just wasn't the same. 



Louisville is one of those cities (like many on my half-marathon quest) that I've traveled through on the interstate but have never spent time visiting, never been downtown.  Thankfully the Hampton Inn let me go ahead and check in very early - as in, 11:00 AM early. 

The start line for the Kentucky Derby marathon races is 3 or 4 blocks north and east of the hotel, the fitness expo 2 or 3 blocks west of the hotel.   But first things first....I never did get that hot latte.  The substitute coffee was dreadful, not even drinkable.  Starbucks is two blocks away at the Marriott hotel across from the convention center.  That was my first stop.

Suitably caffeinated, my next stop was the nearby Subway shop for lunch and then on to the Fitness Expo at the convention center.

packet pick-up counters in background

Official race logo-wear

Kentucky Derby Marathon pace car


Even with a nice tourist map in hand, there just didn't seem to be much to do or see downtown within walking distance.  Louisville has a "low density" downtown area, my way of describing a downtown area with mostly free-standing buildings, surface parking lots, and vacant lots.  The restaurant choices in the immediate area are mostly fast-food joints and some dubious asian restaurants.  All this to say that, with not much else to do on Friday morning, I walked to Starbucks and lingered over a latte and a piece of pastry.

Near the hotel is a White Castle restaurant.  I've never had a White Castle 'slider' before.  Let's see what all the fuss is about. 

White Castle - yuck!!
It was noontime and the place was packed!  Lines at the counter, people waiting to order, people waiting to pick up their orders.  I got in line, placed my order and by the time I'd filled my drink cup with water, my order was ready.   I brought it to a table and sat down, hungry and ready to dig in.  But....yuck!   I pulled one of the sliders out of its little box and it was disgusting!  The bottom of the bun was soggy and I needed a magnifier to find the tissue-paper thin "hamburger" hiding between the layers of soggy bun. 

It was totally inedible.  I dumped the entire tray contents into the trash bin and walked outside, at a bit of a loss as to where to go to find lunch.  I remembered seeing a Papa John's a few blocks away, near the Marriott, and a small pizza came back to my hotel room with me. 

So a very uneventful and boring couple of days in Louisville, as I wait for race day Saturday morning.  Weather is still questionable, regarding rain.  I have a few wardrobe options and will lay everything out tonight to get ready for the morning.


Canada Geese are so cool! 

Silly goose!
While I was at the hotel in Carmel IN, I noticed that the Canada Geese were everywhere, walking in the streets, mingling in the hotel parking lot.  When I drove back to the hotel after the race, my way into the parking lot was blocked by two loitering Canada Geese who just refused to move over.  Two other geese were flirting with each other next to a VW Jetta, pecking at each other and at the rear bumper of that car. 

Later that day, when my sister and I were walking to my car to go for lunch, we noticed a goose sitting right in front of a glass door about 30 yards away from the main entrance of the hotel.  Intrigued, we walked over to get a closer look.  He was just sitting there, peering in through the window.  No...that wasn't what he was doing!  He was looking at his own reflection in the glass!  I crept up on him, getting just 20 or so feet away and snapped a picture.  He was unfazed by my presence, as he gently pecked and softly quacked at his own image.  Silly goose!

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  1. Silly goose flirting with himself, lol. Just like a man to check himself out in the mirror, lol.

    Good luck with the race tomorrow. Fingers crossed it is dry.