Monday, April 22, 2013

Nashville, Indiana and Ice Cream

The Carmel Half Marathon is done, so what's next?

With a little research, I found the perfect place to chill out for the week before continuing on to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby marathon.

The cute little historic town of Nashville, Indiana sits nestled in a crease deep in the Blue Hills of south Indiana.  It's a tiny and historic town, just a few blocks long and fewer blocks wide, but these days its galleries and shops are a tourist draw during the spring and summer months.

I found the perfect place to "park" myself for four days, Hidden Valley Inn, a very nice all-suites lodge on the north end of the main thoroughfare, within easy walking distance of everything.  It's a one bedroom, one bath unit with separate living room with fireplace, a kitchenette and table/chairs and a beautiful wrap-around deck facing the hills and the sunrise.

Getting here from Carmel IN entailed some pretty flat and uninteresting highway but then, suddenly, the road went from flat farmland to twisting, forested road that climbed up into the Blue Hills and offered a terrific view off to the west as it gained elevation.

There's a basic, no-frills IGA grocery store at the south end of town, so when I got into town I paid it a visit and picked up some bare necessities like coffee, cereal, fruit, and Oreos!   Everything I need!

Now there's lots of exploring to do!   I walked down to the Visitor Center and the wonderful volunteer was very helpful, going over a map of the town with me, making notations on the map of the things that I expressed interest in seeing.  Laden with a bagful of maps and brochures at this point, I went off in search of food.  Big Woods Pizza Company captured my fancy for dinner.  Spaghetti and meatballs, a Greek salad, and a 22 oz. bottle of their Big Woods Brewing Company Busted Knuckle Ale.  Fantastic!  And I have enough left over of all of this for another meal!


Monday morning dawned cold, with temperatures in the high 30's, but it promised to warm up into the 60's later in the day.  I got a much-needed sleep-in this morning.  I was more tired than I thought, apparently.  Waking up very early for Saturday's race then running over 13 miles in very cold temperatures.  Then staying up visiting with my sister Robin that evening and getting up very early with her on Sunday morning so that we could spend some more quality time over Starbucks coffees before she needed to get on the road to drive home to Grand Rapids, MI. 

It was almost noon before I gave up the cuddly warmth of the bed - mostly only because I'd finished the last of the morning's pot of coffee - and got showered and dressed and out the door to explore the town in more depth.

Van Buren Street, the main thoroughfare through town
I had my eye on a few of the shops mentioned by that visitor center volunteer.  One of those shops is the textile studio of Barb Davis.  It was on the second floor of a neat old building on Main Street.  She makes toss pillows and other small decorative accents out of recycled wool.  She washes and sometimes even re-dyes the wool...or felts use in these items.  I bought a beautiful green accent pillow and can't wait to bring it home and find the perfect place for it.

A cute dog sculpture outside one of the many galleries

And since I skipped lunch, I decided to go straight to the dessert at Miller's Ice Cream House, buying myself an apple butter ice cream cone, served in a homemade waffle cone.  Delicious!!

The 1880's era old log "dog trot" style building, found and reconstructed
in the 1930's
Ice cream consumed and cute little 17 month old girl flirted with, I headed off in search of The General Store and possibly some homebaked goods to bring back to my room for later.  Lots of great historical sites along my route:

The Nashville General Store was everything I hoped it would be!  Funky and fun, tacky yet exactly what I hoped it would be!

Mission accomplished - two frosted brownies and a slice of apple caramel nut pie came home with me - I made one last stop, this one at Muddy Boots Cafe to peruse their menu for a future dinner this week and then bought a double-shot latte to take back to the room and enjoy out on my balcony. 

Tomorrow, maybe a little morning run followed by a muffin and cappucino!

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  1. What a quaint little town you found and the Inn sounds lovely too.

    I am looking forward to more photos of your exploring.