Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just...Odds and Ends, Part II

I'm back and still clearing out more of those "bouncing ping pong balls" from my brain.

The Recycling Incident
The other morning I headed out for a short run, pausing as I headed down the driveway to put my trash out at the curb.  Now that our "unincorporated" neighborhood has been annexed to the city, things have changed.  We've kept the two trash days a week schedule but we now have recycling, with Mondays being "recycling" day and Thursdays being "heavy trash and brush" day.

The Waste Disposal Company delivered green recycling tubs to our homes in preparation.  So on this morning, as I ran along my neighborhood streets, I had a personal - almost too personal - glimpse into my neighbors' lifestyles. 

The first thing I noticed is that many neighbors had only recycling trash, no bagged trash.  This means that their trash accumulates in their pantry or garage for 7 days instead of 3 or 4 days.  What a major step backward!  But who am I to say anything bad about recycling?

The next thing I noticed - and speaking to that "too much personal information" comment earlier - was the large quantity of booze containers in those recycling bottles and cans, wine bottles, hard liquor bottles.  Ahem....I'd prefer to keep my private sins - you know, those empty cookie boxes, ice cream containers, candy wrappers, and yes, the occasional wine bottle - hidden from view in a heavy-duty opaque trash bag.

Another thought on this topic... our little gated community survives and thrives on huge amounts of volunteerism, with committees in place for many of the maintenance issues, such as pool maintenance, landscaping, structures maintenance, fencing, golf course.  It really helps keep our HOA dues way down in this really beautiful community by doing much of this maintenance through volunteer committees.  Over the years, the landscape committee has been funded by money earned from paper recycling.  We have four huge dumpsters permanently located near the golf club overflow parking lot just for paper recycling.  But now that we have the little green recycling bins, folks are putting their paper waste into these bins and taking funds away from our landscape committee.  Despite pleas each month in the newsletter, folks are STILL doing this.  I noticed tons of paper trash in the recycle bins along my run route.

So, with being entertained by peering into folks' recycle bins on this run, the miles went by fairly quickly.  Then I came to the next distraction...

The Muscovy Duck Incident
Same day, same run, I came up upon a Muscovy duck standing in the front yard of a house that backs up to the ninth hole of the golf course.  It's not unusual at all to see these ducks out and about around the neighborhood.  They live by the dozens along the banks of the water hazards on our golf course and on the shores of our large lake near the Carriage House.   They even cause the occasional traffic jam as they try to cross the road, stringing out in a long row across the roadway. 

But this little guy looked like he was standing oddly, like something was wrong with a leg.  So I stopped running and walked toward the duck, moving slowly so as to not scare it off.  He stood his ground and let me get so close I could have touched him.  I couldn't see anything wrong with his leg but he turned a bit and I could see that he was limping a bit.  I could also see a gash on the back of his neck when he turned.  It didn't look too serious - no gore, just a gash with a bit of blood - so I concluded that he'd be okay.  Or maybe it was a she?  Maybe an injury acquired during mating?

I continued on with my run and later, when I headed out to the grocery store, I drove past the house and didn't see the duck so I assumed it went on about its business.  And so did I. 

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  1. I always chuckle when I see the glass recycling bins in the neighborhood. I can't tell if the neighbors drink too much or I just don't drink enough.

    They pick up our glass bins one a month during the first week but we have yard waste/compost scraps and garbage pick up every week. With just the two of us we have so little garbage we've opted for the once every two weeks pick up. We usually have one small grocery t-shirt bag every week but quite a bit of recycling. Luckily the bins are kept outside and with no food scraps in the garbage it doesn't really smell.

    The ducks are really neat. I don't think we have those kinds around here. Hope it was okay.