Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Month of March

If it's March, it must be time to head east for SC and GA and my next two half marathons.  But I had some activities to keep me busy before getting on the road.

Our little acting troupe, CountryPlace Players, put on another production, this one a comedy-mystery.  It was a fun, silly comedy of assumed identities, missing patients, and thunderstorms, entitled "Losing Patients."  In my totally biased opinion, I thought it was one of our better non-musical productions.  The stage crew out-did themselves with the set design.  It was one of the best and most elaborate we've had since I've been participating.  We had some good casting choices and everyone did well, with a couple of particular stand-outs.  My role in all of this was to source and assemble all of the sound effects - there were a total of 32 sound effects for this production - get them edited where needed, splicing effects together where appropriate, and then running the sound effects  from a laptop computer from the sound/lighting booth.  I enjoy doing this, especially the sourcing and editing side of it, and my donation of a laptop computer to the club about 3 years ago totally changed things for the group.  A couple of productions that we've put on recently - this one and another really great production called "B&W TV" - could never have been done without this computer capability.

The rehearsals pretty much occupied all of the month of February and first week of March.  But I did manage to sneak down to Galveston this past weekend to meet up with some friends for lunch at The Spot.  It's a great meet-up place, and especially for the 3 friends who came down from Dallas for the weekend.  Three of us from the Houston area met up with them and had a great visit and some really excellent food, before the Dallasites headed out to ride along the beach toward Surfside.   

Fish tacos....excellent!!

The Dallasites arrive

Good visit with some good friends
Literally, they rode on the beach for several miles.

Coming up:  Famously Hot Half Marathon in Columbia, SC followed by a week in the historic district of Charleston SC.


  1. As much fun as doing the sound is for the production I bet you were a little glad to get it behind you so you could move on. To riding, running, and the next sound project.

  2. I don't know how you manage your time. You are involved in so many things. Good to see pictures of bikes agains. Although we are having lousy weather today, riding season up here in the NE is just around the corner. Good luck in GA and SC. Oh the Miss Worcester was shut down for a many a year and re-opened about 5 years ago. Their food is very very good.