Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seen On the Road

Driving on I-10 east is never dull.  I've driven or ridden across I-10 between Texas and Florida numerous times and I see all sorts of things along the way.  Today I saw a couple of noteworthy things...nothing dramatic.  Just cute.

Traveling through LA on I-12, I started seeing all this yellow fluffy stuff.  At first I thought it was some kind of cottonwood-like seed being carried on the wind but then I started noticing slightly larger pieces that started looking a bit like insulation, only yellow.  The further down the road I got, the more of that yellow stuff I was seeing.  It was becoming a blizzard of yellow fluff!  Then....aha!  I came up behind a very old mobile home-type structure being towed by a big rig tractor.  It was very old, green with algae, very dilapidated.  And looking down below to its undercarriage, I could see paper flapping, the kind that is used as backing for rolled insulation.  Huge chunks of yellowed insulation were hanging down and being shredded and broken into little bits by the wash of air passing underneath the trailer.  Okay...that mystery was solved.

Further along I noticed in my rearview mirror a little blue car overtaking a vehicle farther back and then pulling back into the right lane...right behind me.  It was a tiny little car.  Taking a closer look at it in my rearview mirror, I saw that it was a Mazda.  A tiny Mazda.  For a few moments I had the humorous image in my mind's eye of Mama Mazda Duck and her little blue baby Mazda duckling following along behind her.  But it lasted only a few moments, because then that little tiny Mazda - a Mazda 2 - passed me and kept moving on down the road.

In Alabama, I overtook an 18-wheeler and once alongside it, I saw the beautiful huge graphics painted on its sides:  Encore®Azaleas!!!   How appropriate, because all across the South today I saw azaleas in bloom everywhere!!
Autumn Sweetheart™Autumn Sunburst™

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