Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moving West to Atlanta

My stay in Charleston has ended and on Friday I moved west to Atlanta GA, where I'll be running in the Publix Georgia Marathon/Half Marathon on Sunday.  I got into Atlanta early Friday afternoon and with little difficulty managed to find my hotel for the next two days:  Holiday Inn Express on Cone St., just two blocks from the Olympic Centennial Park and the marathon start line.

I walked over to the Congress Center where the fitness expo was being held and picked up my race packet.  Publix is the top-end grocery store chain in the Southeast and they are the corporate sponsor for this race.  They had a fabulous and very large display at the entrance to the exhibit hall, highlighting their private-label organic products and with a dozen or more taste stations manned by Publix employees, giving away samples of everything from wonderful whole grain breads topped with infused olive oils, pita chips and salsa, spreads and whole-grain crackers.  I could have eaten my way throught their very large exhibit area and not needed lunch!

I made my way to the back of the hall where race packet were being distributed and then shopped the official logo store, picking up a short-sleeve t-shirt as a souvenir.  I browsed the aisles, picking up a few samples and giveaways but then left the exhibit hall and headed back to the hotel.  On the way I passed a Subway Sandwich shop, so I stopped in and bought a footlong sub - half for dinner tonight, half for dinner tomorrow night.

One of several Irish dance
troupes in the parade.
Starbucks with a view
When I checked the news and weather Saturday morning, I learned that the Atlanta St. Patrick's Day parade was today and the route will pass within 2 blocks of my hotel!!  I checked Google Maps and also discovered a Starbucks right on the corner of Luckie and Peachtree Streets.  On the parade route!!  Two blocks from my hotel!!

Cappucino in hand, I sat at one of their outdoor tables and waited for the parade to reach us on the parade route.  I chatted with a couple who joined me...they have two daughters in the parade, with an Irish Dance troupe.  Fun! 

Here are a few of the many photos I took.  More photos are in my Smug-mug album. (click on link)

One of at least 4 pipes groups

another pipes group


Irish alpacas and llamas...who knew?!

County Sheriff's crew...looking very sharp!

I watched the parade for over an hour and a half and it was still coming, but I was getting hungry!  I picked up a gyro at a nearby deli and brought it to my room.  Time to put my feet up and relax, stay hydrated and get ready for the Publix Half Marathon race tomorrow morning!


  1. Hooray for pipers. I miss hearing bagpipes. I don't hear them near often enough in Oregon as we did in BC.

    Glad you found a nice place to watch the parade and sip a latte.

  2. The picture of the girls ...One of several Irish dance troupes in the parade.... is outstanding!!