Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy Day in Charleston

Another run this morning!!  There's nothing like a runner-friendly, fresh venue to put a spring in a runner's step and get her out the door two days in a row!   With no difficulty whatsoever, I got up, pulled on running clothes, and headed out the door again for another run this morning! 

This time, my running plan was to explore the historic streets in a little more detail.

I went in and out of alleys and small side streets and explored the architecture and tiny gardens that are tucked away on these less-traveled streets.

And of course....I stopped at Starbucks again and brought home a Vente cappucino to enjoy with my post-run breakfast.  While noshing, I went ahead and booked the 1:30 PM harbor tour, logging in online at the Charleston Harbor Tours website and purchasing my ticket. 

So with only an hour to eat, shower and then walk the mile or so to the docks near the Maritime Center, I quickly finished up my breakfast and got moving!

Thinking it would be fun to see where I'd been, I wore my GPS watch and logged my walk to and from the marina as well as the boat tour itself.

The tour was relaxing and very pleasant!  It couldn't have been a more perfect day, with clear sunny skies and moderate temperatures.

Ft. Sumter

USS Yorktown - my dad was stationed briefly aboard this ship during WWII.

Arthur Ravenel Bridge, connecting Charleston
and Mount Pleasant 

Seagulls drafting off the back of the boat

Ft. Moultrie

An early dinner at AW Shuck's afterward:  A Steamer Bucket containing shrimp, oysters, mussels, and crab legs, washed down with a Palmetto Amber Ale.

Tomorrow it's going to  be very cold, with a cold front moving through over night.  Today was definitely the best day to do the boat tour.  I'll see how I feel in the morning, but another short run may be in the plans for Thursday!!


  1. Another great day! Love that picture of the bridge.

    Stay warm tomorrow!!

  2. You are an inspiration...Charleston is my favorite place to visit; the food, outdoor activities, history and beaches...