Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sandy Hook Memorial Half Marathon

In memory of those who lost their lives in Newtown CT. 
The Sandy Hook students and faculty will not be forgotten.

A husband and wife team living in Florida were so moved by this senseless shooting that they took their race organization skills to the internet, putting together a "Virtual" Half Marathon fund-raiser event.  Word of this made its way to Runners World Magazine's website with a link to a Facebook page.  The event very quickly sold out!  They designed a race bib that we could download, print out, and wear on our runs.  They designed a finisher's medal for all those who participated.  Traffic on the Facebook page was heavy as participants posted their photos, talked about the group runs they'd organized, the event shirts they'd designed and worn on their run.

More than 1500 runners signed up, made their donation, and pledged to run a half marathon or 5K or any distance in between, in memory of the Sandy Hook children and faculty.  We could run the miles anywhere we wanted, all at once or in chunks throughout the month of January.  Many who signed up ran many more miles.  I ran two half marathons in January - 26.2 miles, or one mile for each of the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting - and ran a total of 70 miles for the cause.

This is my most-cherished finisher's medal.

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  1. Wow, kudos to them for putting together the virtual race and big kudos to you for participating.

    Such a sad senseless act. I am glad to see happy things associated with the school name now.