Friday, February 8, 2013


It's been a crazy-patchwork-quilt kind of month so far....odd and eclectic tasks occupying my days and mixing in with my running.

The weather has been just crazy!  We had a very brief, cold winter, lasting all of maybe two weeks and giving us a few frost-coated mornings to help kill the mosquitos and drive the pesky black ants into hibernation.  But now we've had a week of unseasonably warm, spring-like days and plants are starting to come back to life.  My daylilies are sending up new growth and my many roses are sprouting leaf buds.  So today - a good three weeks sooner than usual - I got out just before lunch and cut back all of my rose bushes.  It always "pains" me to cut off canes that have significant new growth, even a few rose buds, and today I even saved a Maggie rose in full bloom, brought into the house and put in a vase.  But the pruning needed to be done before they leafed out too much.

Earlier in the week I made a big crockpot of bean soup.  I had a few hunks of ham in the freezer, left over from Christmas, so I defrosted some of it, chopped it up, and threw it in with the beans.  The soup was delish!!  It's a soup mix I found at the grocery store a while back, 15-bean soup, with dried beans and peas, and a flavor packet.  It was nice to come back from play rehearsal to a good hot bowl of bean soup and even better to be able to freeze the rest into several 2-serving sized containers.

The inspection sticker on my Yamaha FZ6 expired the end of December and this caused me no small bit of guilt and shame.  Me, the one who's usually got the inspection sticker on the vehicle within the first few days of the month in which it expires; me who gets her car and motorcycle registrations renewed and decals pinned to the fridge more than a month before the old ones expire.  This was so totally out of character for me that I was beginning to worry about myself. 

So this past Tuesday I pulled on my riding gear, backed Fuzzy out of the garage and headed over to the Harley Davidson dealer located near the Beltway and Fairmont Pkwy in Pasadena.  Easy to get to, fast and friendly staff.  Another customer was waiting on new tires for his Harley and he discreetly sidled up to me to point out the fact that any quick lube place could have done my inspection sticker.  I knew that.  I have even gone to the one near my house in the past.  But as I pointed out to him, it was a gorgeous day, I had nothing else to do, and coming the 20 or so miles to this dealer gave me a good excuse to take a little ride, warm up the engine, charge the battery.  Fortunately the tank was only half full when I left the house so by the time I got near home, the tank was sufficiently empty to let me fill her up with fresh gas before parking her in the garage.

Pulling Fuzzy back into the garage, I considered taking the BMW out for a little spin, but I opted instead to eat a quick lunch and then get to the grocery store for some badly needed provisions.  Maybe later this week.  I like to get my rides done in the morning, but I also need to get some runs in this week.  And then there's those play rehearsals.

We're in rehearsals for our next play production, a silly mystery-comedy entitled Losing Patients.  I'm doing sound for the play, and have spent the last couple of weeks sourcing the various sound effects - thunder, telephone rings, clock chimes, music box tune, to name a few - and getting them edited, spliced where necessary, and loaded onto the laptop.  There are also a number of voice-overs, and I had each of the actors over to my house and got these recorded and edited, as well.  The rehearsals are every weekday, mornings on Mon and Fri, late afternoons on Tuesday through Thursday.  So everything I do must be worked in around the rehearsals.  But they're fun and it's only for six weeks, then it'll be over after the performances the first weekend in March and I can set it all aside until the next production. 

The Mercedes Marathon/Half Marathon is coming up next weekend, so my running has ramped up a bit after a couple of easy weeks post-Louisiana half-marathon in January.  I try to get out every other day and then do a longer run on a weekend day.  But I've been a bit slack on this, the end of January.  Time to get it back on track.  I did 6 miles on Sunday and 3 miles on Wednesday.  This morning I did just under 4 miles and hope to get an eight mile run in on Sunday.  Forecast is for thunderstorms Sunday so I'm sure to get wet.

Yesterday morning I decided I'd start up the BMW after a too-long languish and take her for a ride.  FZ6 had her chance earlier in the week, now it was Zooty BMW's turn.  I really had nowhere to go, had already eaten, so there was no sense setting a breakfast spot as the destination.  So I decided to just ride down 288 to 1462, head to Rosharon, and then come back up FM-521.  A decent 45 mile loop.  I stopped at the Chevron station (to get that Techron in the injector jets) and then returned home.  Too short a ride, I know, but I had some things to do before rehearsals that afternoon. 

Next week:  We go to full off-book rehearsals, running through the play non-stop...Act I and Act II.  This phase of rehearsals always brings some levity and frivolity to the process.  It's when lines get muffed, and ad-libbing goes viral.  We all get some good laughs out of this and it should be a fun week. 

Also next week:  I'll do a couple a shorter taper-down runs on Tuesday and Thursday and then it will be time to get on the road on Friday, heading to Birmingham AL for the Mercedes Marathon/Half Marathon!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy. Did I mention you've been busy, because it sounds like you've been busy.

    I haven't had the bike out much lately, been fighting a chest thing for 4 weeks that I picked up on the plane. Finally getting to where the cold weather doesn't get me so much so I am hoping to get out on the bike or at least a long walk soon.

    Have fun rehearsing, it must be pretty neat doing sound for the play. I never thought about how much work goes into all those sound effects.