Monday, January 14, 2013

The Running Cap - "Hat Stanley"

It's the "Flat Stanley" of running caps.  I think I'll name it "Hat Stanley."   Because, just like Flat Stanley, Hat Stanley really gets around!

This hat has traveled so much with me.  I don't dare leave it's my lucky running hat.

White nylon, with just-the-right-size brim.    Just the right crown shape to fit me perfectly.  Easy one-handed adjustment slide in the back.  And this running cap has covered my head for thousands of running miles, in dozens of races, in 15 different states so far.  Just like Flat Stanley, Hat Stanley is well-traveled.

I bought this cap at Luke's Locker on West Gray in Houston sometime in 2001, way back when I was just starting to run.  Probably during the summer when I realized I needed to shade my head and eyes.  Possibly even as a result of input from fellow runners in the Clear Lake Running Club.
October, 2001, at the finish
line for the 20K Race
So where has "Hat Stanley" been?

Some of Hat Stanley's very first runs were my first Houston Warm-up Series of races, put on by the collective running clubs of Greater Houston to prepare their runners for the Houston Marathon.  By this point I'd been running for just under 9 months and had run in a few 5K races, a 10K race, and the Lake Jackson 10-miler race (the first of the Warm-Up Series).  The 20K race was followed by the 25K the next month, and the 30K the month after that.

Hat Stanley joined me for the 2002 Houston Marathon and the Austin Motorola Marathon, and then all of the Warm-Up series races - the 10 miler, the 20K, the 25K, the 30K - and the Houston Marathon for the next two years.  And a whole bunch of 5K and 10K races in-between.

KRTS 25K Race, November 2001
Motorola Austin marathon, 2002

Lake Jackson 10 Miler, Sept 2001
Nassau Bay 5K Resurrection Run 2004

2004 Sprint for Life 5K Race

Big Sur Half Marathon, 2004
Then, in 2004, Hat Stanley came with me to California to run in the Big Sur Half Marathon, the first of a number of "destination races."

Hat Stanley traveled with me on business trips all over the country and all over Europe, and ran with me in a number of cities - San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, Rome, London, Copenhagen, name only a few.

Hat Stanley, along with my running shoes, also traveled with me on all of my vacations, whether taken by car, by plane, or by motorcycle.

Now Hat Stanley is accompanying me on my quest to run half marathons in all 50 States.  Hat and I have completed 15 States, so far.

Hat Stanley has survived all of this, including trips through the washing machine, with dignity and aplomb and still looks like new!

Wichita Prairie Fire Half Marathon
October 2012

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  1. It is nice that Hat Stanley can be a talisman or good luck charm for you in all your races. If it has lasted this long it should last for the next 35 state runs.