Saturday, January 19, 2013

Over the Bayou and Through the Woods....

To Baton Rouge I go...Louisiana Marathon and Half Marathon is this weekend, a chance to add another state to my "completed half marathons in 50 States" list, and the second of five fund-raising races I'm running for friends Kevin and Deb (read their story here).

Friday morning I had a play rehearsal at 10:30 AM (I'm once again doing sound effects for a CountryPlace Players production), so I waited to get on the road until rehearsal was over and lunch eaten.  I was on the road by 1:30 PM with plans to stop in Lafayette LA for the night.  This would save me over $60 in hotel/valet parking charges in Baton Rouge and since it's less than 50 miles away, I would have plenty of time to sleep in Saturday morning then drive the easy hour trip to Baton Rouge and check in at the Hilton in downtown.  

The Hilton in downtown Baton Rouge is a lovely reclamation and restoration of an older hotel.  I was able to check in, despite it still being early, and then headed over to the Belle of Baton Rouge, a hotel/casino a few blocks away, to claim my race registration packet and briefly shop the vendors. 

Old State Capitol Building - story here.
But I only had a few minutes to shop.  I needed to hasten back to the hotel to meet my son and his family for a fun afternoon.  Earlier, on my way to The Belle to get that race packet, I walked past the Louisiana Art & Science Museum with Planetarium, occupying what was once a lovely old train station, so stopped in to talk to the woman at the front desk and pick up a brochure.  It will be the perfect place to spend the afternoon with the grandkids!

We had lunch at the Capital Grill, just across the street from the hotel and then walked to the museum, passing the old historic capitol building on the way. 

The grandkids had a great time at the museum!  We spent time in the hands-on science display, the kids darting from display to display, learning about magnetic fields, sound waves, molecules, gravity.  I was enjoying watching them as much as they were enjoying the hands-on. 

We then went upstairs to watch "We Are Aliens," an animated film in the planetarium.  The grandkids were transfixed!

We stopped at a little cafe near the hotel and for some treats for the grandkids - and us - and then we said our goodbyes.  I'll see them again next month when I stop for a few days on my way home from Birmingham.

I spent the evening relaxing in my room, feet up, watching TV and eating a very fine seafood pasta dinner ordered through room service.  Tomorrow morning:  Race day!!

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