Monday, January 21, 2013

Louisiana Half Marathon Accomplished!

Sunday morning started with a mistaken 4:15 AM wake-up call from downstairs.  What the heck???  I had the alarm clock in my room, as well as my cell phone's alarm, set to go off at 5:30 AM.  So getting robbed of more than an hour of sleep was definitely not a good way to start what would be a very long day.  Might as well get up and get my day started!

I walked the few blocks to the start line, right at the foot of the "new" Capitol building steps, and had just a short wait before the gun went off and we were on our way.  It's the second annual running of this race and they've definitely got their act together!  Very well organized and well-done.

Crossing the
finish line
There were no corrals - it's still a relatively small race at 3,000 participants - so I seeded myself toward the back.   The weather was perfect!  Clear blue skies, high 30's at the start, warming to low 50's by the time I crossed the finish line.

The race course was outstanding!  Well-designed and really interesting!  The miles seemed to fly by!   The route took us south along the west shore of University Lake to the LSU campus, where we ran right through the heart of the university, past the LSU Tiger Stadium.  We exited the university campus and ran around the perimeter of the lake, which was filled with birds of all sorts: pelicans, ducks, herons, egrets.  The distance around the circumference of the lake was close to 4 miles and entertained us with views across the lake to fellow runners who were ahead or behind us on the route.  I saw several pods of white pelicans along the eastern shore.  They were gorgeous!

Once I was back on the north side of the lake, I only had 3 more miles to go.  I couldn't believe how quickly time had passed on this route.  I was still feeling okay, and was still mostly running at this point.  Well, except for the return back over the very high North Blvd bridge just east of I-110.

Next thing I knew, I was back into the downtown area and running past the mile 12 marker and then turning right onto 3rd Street and heading for the Capitol building and around the corner to the finish line to claim my finisher's medal.

They had a massive post-race party, with food vendors from many local restaurants, a giant cauldron of gumbo, and beer!  But I needed to pass on the food, as I had made plans to meet some friends at Poche's, an excellent Cajun meat market and restaurant in Breaux Bridge.

Pork steak, rice dressing, beans, potato salad.  Oh my!!
2/3 of this came home with me in a box.
Friend Mona, her daughter, and a friend of hers came, as well as a fellow member of the MTF forum.  We had a great visit, and as a demonstration of our small world, Mona and the MTF friend knew each other and were old friends.  The food was to die for!!

Then, too soon, it was time to get back on the road and head for home.

Another state added to my quest!  Here's what my 50 States-50 Half Marathons map looks like now:

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  1. Yikes on that early wake-up call. Someone obviously got the wrong room. Hope they felt a little bad about it.

    Glad your day went so well and the race was a breeze. It sounds as though they had really well thought out route with a lot of things to see to keep your mind occupied as you ran.