Thursday, December 6, 2012

Time To Say Adios to Scottsdale

It's been a good and relaxing visit, but tomorrow it's time to get on the road back to Texas.

After Tuesday's drive up to Page Springs and the wineries, a nice lunch at Harry's Hideaway, and the stop at the outlet mall (even if I didn't buy anything), I spent Wednesday doing not much of anything.

First thing Wednesday morning I got a nice little post-race recovery run in, staying in the immediate neighborhood of the resort which sits in among a couple other resorts and some very nice gated communities. 

Then, late morning, I attended a Diamond Resorts International "owners meeting," which is really their way of getting us owners in a room and trying to sell us more.  I usually avoid these like the plague and thankfully my other timeshare, the one on Captiva, is a mature resort and doesn't do this.  But occasionally, when I've traded for a timeshare in a newly developed resort, I've had to fend off attempts to get me into a sales room and give me the pitch. 

However, I did have some questions and this would be my opportunity to get the info I needed, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.  And by playing a little bit hard to get when they were trying to set up a day and time for me to attend, I negotiated them up to a $100 Visa gift card and a 2-night/3-day getaway package at one of the Diamond Resort.  So I put up with this for 60 minutes and walked away, my questions answered, bank account balances safe and untouched, and $100 richer, with a getaway certificate that I will make every effort to use.

This morning I contemplated getting another little run in, but nixed that idea, thinking it would be more fun to sleep in and be lazy this morning.  I'm really good at being lazy. 

But I did have a restaurant in mind for lunch, which just happens to be in the same shopping complex as a Sports Authority superstore, so late morning I was in my SUV and heading the few short miles to shop and eat. 

I have a skirt that I love and wear all the time.  I bought it at Sports Authority in Delafield WI last summer when I was up there to run the Rock n' Sole Half Marathon in Milwaukee.  When I returned from that trip I looked at Sports Authority on-line and they don't carry this skirt in their web store.  So knowing this would be a long shot, I wanted to try finding the skirt in this store here in Scottsdale. 

The store was having a really tempting sale!  Some very nice running tops were marked WAY down!  A couple of long sleeve tops and a short sleeve top caught my eye and my fancy.  And there, on a mark down rack, was the skirt!  Only a couple of them left, one in my size.  And in black, too!  So now I have one in khaki and one in black! 

The White Chocolate Grill...intriguing name and I just had to check it out for lunch.  I found it when I was looking at Sports Authority on Google Maps.  Checking it on, I saw that it had many excellent reviews.  So that was my lunch destination. 

It's an upscale restaurant, filled with chic business people and the occasional touristy looking person like me.  I ordered a combination rotisseried half chicken and half rack of ribs, thinking I could bring the leftovers back with me and have them for dinner tonight.  I then settled in with a Kindle book on my Smartphone while I waited for my food.  I didn't think much time had elapsed, but a manager-type employee approached me to see if I needed anything and to thank me for choosing their restaurant.  Then he went on to apologize for the delay, citing an "issue" in the kitchen, and that my food would be coming in just a few minutes.  I honestly didn't think much time had elapsed, but I guess I'd lost track, since a check of my watch showed maybe 20 minutes since I'd placed my order.

Soon enough the food arrived and it was a huge quantity, definitely enough to bring back with me for dinner tonight.  When I was done eating, the waiter approached my table to ask if I needed anything else.  Then he told me that I would not be charged for my meal, their way of apologizing for the delay.  I was speechless!  But....I'll accept that generous gift from the restaurant!  I thanked him, left a tip, and gathered my things and headed for the car. 

Just one more stop before heading back to the resort.  Whole Foods store was right across the street and I was feeling the need for some ice cream...


  1. Struck it rich between the sales pitch and lunch...WTG

  2. Isn't it funny how restaurants think they are taking sooo long but it doesn't seem very long. It was very nice of them to comp your lunch.

    SpartanBabe and I were at Native Foods in Portland and they thought they took too long too and gave us each free dessert. We didn't think they had taken too long but were happy to have the dessert. I'm sure our waistlines didn't need it, but it was just hours after we did a 5k so it balanced out.

    Safe travels back home.