Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ode to Getting Wet

It was spitting rain on me this morning when I got out the door and on the road for a long run.  It was overcast and warm, 71 degrees, the air heavy with moisture.

An eight-mile run today.  Two weeks past my last half marathon, three weeks in front of my next one.  It will be the Mississippi Blues Marathon/Half Marathon in Jackson MS.  The weather is going to be a big question mark as we move through December and on into January.

With the first two miles in my neighborhood completed, I ran out the gate and onto the sidewalk along a main boulevard.  I will be at the mercy of the weather, the further I get down this road. 

My destination and turnaround point?  The McDonald's at Cullen Road and FM 518.  Wide open spaces between my start point and my turnaround point would offer little by way of shelter should the sprinkles start to get serious.  But actually, a full-on rain would feel good on this warm and muggy morning.

Five miles later, I was dripping and shoe-squeaking my way toward the counter at McD's.  I handed the soggy dollar bills over and stepped aside to wait for my drink.  Then, with latte in hand, it was time to head back the way I came, back toward home.  With practice I've learned how to run while holding a full coffee in hand, slowing to a walk pace periodically to take a few sips.  The skies to the west and north were as black as I've ever seen them, portending the forecasted weather front.  When it moves through - when it reaches me - it will turn pleasant rain sprinkles into a deluge. 

And then I saw it coming.  Straight down Cullen, straight toward me, a pecularity of rain storms in the South, well-remembered from my school days when I'd run home from school, staying just ahead of that wall of rain. 

With a sudden gust of wind, the temperature dropped 5 degrees instantly.  Within seconds of this gust came the heavy rain.  No longer could I see the intersection with McHard Rd, which was no more than a mile ahead of me.  But ohhh, did it feel good! The mugginess was instantly gone, replaced by cool, sometimes stinging rain.

Within seconds I was thoroughly soaked!  What is it about running in the rain that makes me feel like a little girl again?  Imaginings of playing in rain puddles, getting little-girl shoes and little-girl dress wet...and getting away with it!

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  1. There comes a point when out there getting soaked in the pouring rain that one turns to laugher. Either when out for a walk or out on the bikes I usually just look at the sky and shout - geez is that all you've got?

    I can just picture you soaking wet, latte in hand giggling in the rain.

    Thanks for making me smile.