Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tulsa Gets Ready...

Last month it was Wichita, this month it's Tulsa.  Two prairie cities sprawling out with plenty of elbow room.  Two cities with downtowns that sprung up from the wealth of nineteenth century.  Lots of history here in Tulsa and I plan to get out and see some of it on Saturday.

I arrived midafternoon into Tulsa on Friday - yesterday - plenty early to check out the Fitness Expo.  Once I checked in to the hotel, I headed on over to the convention center to get my race packet.  The Expo had a nice number of exhibitors with lots to look at and plenty of shopping opportunity.  I stopped at the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics booth to hopefully buy a shirt and then chatted with the fellow who was working the booth.  Unfortunately I learned too late about the special bibs and finisher medals for members so I will lose out on getting a special Half Fanatic medal at this race.  Darn!

I bought a pair of throwaway cotton gloves for $2.00 and then discovered the Blue Cross-Blue Shield table where they were giving them away for free!  And then I found a booth selling some really cool laser-cut charms and ornaments and couldn't walk away without spending some money.

In honor of the Route 66 race theme, there was a nice display of several vintage cars within the exhibit hall.

I had not eaten lunch yet, so found a Quizno's on my way back to the hotel and picked up a sandwich to bring back to my room.  My favorite: roast beef with peppercorn sauce, hold the onions!  I settled in, in front of a movie on TV and had a nice late lunch/early dinner.


This morning I waited until it warmed up a bit and then set out, camera and Art deco architecture walking tour map in hand, to find some of these treasures.  Tulsa has a large number of buildings on the historic register, many of them right downtown.  The oil boom and the art deco craze collided in Tulsa at the turn of the 20th century, resulting in a treasure trove of buildings that represent the Zig Zag, PWA, and Streamline Styles of art deco architecture.  While there are still a good many of them standing, just as many if not more were demolished before they could be saved.

Before snapping some architecture photos, I stood for a moment and watched them erect the start line structure....exciting!!

I walked south on Boston Street to the Methodist Church, a spectacular example of Zig Zag style.

Then I walked back up Boston Street toward 5th Street and passed a couple of nice examples:

Oklahoma Natural Gas Building

Entryway detail

The Public Service Building of Oklahoma:
Public Service Building of Oklahoma

Entryway detail

Then it was on to 5th and Boston where two fine examples of Art Deco architecture dominate the skyline and streetscape.
The Philcade building has a spectacular lobby:

Across the street from the Philcade is the Philtower building:

A nice little crepe and coffee house resides in one of the shops off the lobby of the Philcade, so I ducked inside and had an Italian crepe for lunch.  Light fare, probably  not enough for lunch, but a good and tasty start.

So what next??  I decided to walk back over to the Fitness Expo at the convention center and pulled out my phone and called friend Steve.  "Are you still here at the Expo?"  He was, and we met up for a photo op. 

The race folks had one of those photo booths - you know, the kind we'd all crowd into when we were teens - and I wanted to get some silly photos of the two of us! 


Here's the start line structure, nearly finished and ready for us tomorrow morning!

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  1. I always love architecture pictures so of course I really enjoyed those. I always take pictures of buildings then I get asked why there aren't pictures of people.

    Good luck with the run tomorrow. I am sure you will do great.

    Also thanks for sharing the photo booth pics. Candid shots are always so much fun.