Friday, November 23, 2012


Thanksgiving at Grandma's house!  My son and his family arrived mid afternoon on Thanksgiving Day, laden with kids, toys, little kid-sized suitcases, kid-friendly food, and a giant casserole dish filled with home-made dressing.
Mimi happy, Trevor not so much.
The turkey was just about ready to come out of the oven as they walked in the door, so out it came and in went the new potatoes and the dressing to bake for an hour.  We had food on the table at precisely 4:30 PM and it was then..."feast on!"
We ate ourselves silly, taking second helpings when we were admittedly beyond full. 

Dig in, everyone!

Thanksgiving is done which of course means that all of America's attention will now turn to the next major holiday on the calendar...Christmas.

This attention particularly includes kids.  And grandkids.  Trevor sat down and wrote a letter to Santa, telling him he was good and what he wanted, which was pretty cute.   I got an envelope for him, told him to address it to Santa at the North Pole, but short attention spans being what they are for 5 year-olds, he addressed it to his own home.  But he got it right on the second envelope.  We walked it down to the mailbox a few days later.

The lion saw heavy duty this weekend.  He normally lives in the kids' guest room but Mimi wrestled with this "almost as big as she is" lion to get it off the bed, through the door and into the living room, where he stayed for the duration of their visit.  He makes a great tiny-kid sized seat for watching TV, even a soft bed with chin rest for TV watching.  Needless to say, Lion was the subject of a number of power struggles during the weekend.

Friday morning we made pancakes for the kids and then pulled the artificial tree, the one I purchased on sale last year, out of the closet and my son got it set up for me.  I don't have a lot of tree ornaments, and most of what I do have are up in the attic over the garage.  But I did have a small box of ornaments that I've collected over the years, most of them with a story behind them.

Daughter-in-law made hot cocoa for all of us and I turned the two grandkids loose with the ornaments.  Instructions to Trevor were to hang them anywhere on the tree and to not forget the back of the tree. 

Daughter-in-law and I then sat back and watched as the two kids did a super job hanging the ornaments on the tree.  Trevor was meticulous in his placement of the ornaments, making sure they were well-spaced.  He was still going back and rearranging and repositioning them well into the evening.

After Mimi drank her cocoa, I handed Mimi a little cat ornament and she spent the rest of the tree-decorating time hanging that one ornament.  She wanted to make sure she found just the right spot for the "kitty ornament."

Good job, Trevor and Mimi!

Mimi and Dad playing Christmas carols on the piano:

Tomorrow morning, son and daughter-in-law will head to College Station for a little overnighter getaway.  I bought them tickets to the A&M-Missouri game and got them a hotel room for Saturday night.    The grandkids and I will stay home, eat popcorn and chocolate, watch lots of TV and movies, stay up late, and just generally get away with as much as possible while their mom and dad are gone.


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