Friday, November 2, 2012

Foggy Bottom Running

It's been an interesting week.  First, there's been the early morning fog these last few days that has lent an appropriately eerie mood to my morning runs this Halloween week.  Then there's the head/chest cold that was "gifted" to me by my kids and grandkids this past weekend.  I knew they were all sick.  I knew that I was 99.99% guaranteed to catch whatever it is that they had.  Yet I knew that the weekend was going to be so worth the high risk. 

And indeed it was.  Birthday party for Trevor on Saturday, and then the next day a visit to Mrs. Heather's Pumpkin Patch on Sunday.

And on Monday, once the grandkids were delivered to their pre-school, We had a delightful breakfast -  just my son and daughter-in-law and me - at the Broken Egg Cafe in Mandeville.

So back at my own humble abode on Monday evening and by the next morning I had the beginnings of a cold:  scratchy throat, sneezing.  I skipped getting a run in and instead headed for the grocery store to buy some fruit, soups, and zinc lozenges in hopes of nipping this in the bud.  I have a race to run in less than three weeks.  Oh, yeah, and a pint container of Ben & Jerry's Cherrys Garcia ice cream also made its way into my shopping cart. 

By Tuesday evening the cold was full-blown.  A multi-tissue extravaganza of drippy nose and gargantuan sneezes.  But I was hopeful that the zinc theory actually works.

Wednesday morning, Halloween day, it was cool and foggy both outside the house and inside my head, but that was no excuse to skip going for a run.  I promised myself a bowl of chicken rice soup and peanut butter crackers, followed by a bowl of Cherries Garcia ice cream if I succeeded in getting at least 4 1/2 miles in.   So out the door I went, a wad of tissues clutched in my left hand, to accomplish this goal ---- 4.7 miles, actually.

I think the zinc lozenges were working.  The horrible sneezy, drippy nose stage lasted only a day, converting to the stuffy-nose-and-dry-cough stage.   For me, the drippy stage usually lasts a lot longer than this.  The big question then was, where is this dry cough symptom going to take me?  I had no cough medicine in the house, so hopefully it wouldn't last long.  Yeah, right!  Make a list:  Buy cough medicine tomorrow.

Friday morning and more fog, but not as bad.  That annoying dry cough is still there, but not too bad.  Not bad enough to keep me from getting another run in, but the chest tightness definitely made it hard to breathe and it slowed me down.   So I most certainly need a trip to Walgreen's to buy a bottle of cough syrup - DM - giant economy size bottle.  Just in case. 

Oh, and look!  They have their Halloween candy marked down, 50% off!!


  1. Hope you have been able to kick that cold out good and proper. Back in the day I worked in a health food store. Hubby and I have had good luck with zinc lozenges as well as either using Cold Calm or Super Lysine both taken when you first feel you are getting a cold. I can buy both at Fred Meyer so I am not sure if you have a Kroegers near by

    Cold Calm:

    Super Lysine:

    Oh and before I forget. I love seeing pictures of the grand kids. They are so stinking cute. No wonder you couldn't resist cold and all.

    1. Yes, I do think the zinc helps. I've not heard of Cold Calm... Will check it out. As to the little cuties...thanks!