Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stuck In the Middle With You

Oh, great!  Now I had this lame song running through my head as I got my run in this morning! 

A creature of habit, my route always takes me west around the big circle that circumscribes my neighborhood.   Pre-dawn, this often gives me a view of the setting moon and this morning it was a waning gibbous moon but still quite bright and spectacular as it hung in the quarter western sky.

Working around the western end of the ovoid circle of my route, I came around to face east just as the eastern sky was lightening.   The sun took a quick peek over the horizon and decided, once again, that it was safe to come up and she did so quickly.  Soon she was blazing in full orb, requiring a quick adjustment of my running cap to shield my eyes.

And that's when this blasted song popped into my head, daring me to alter the lyrics to accomodate the setting and my mood:

"Moon to the left of me, Sunrise to my I am, running in the middle with you!"

(with apologies to the song's authors, Jerry Rafferty and Joe Egan)


  1. Funny how different songs pop into our heads and we change the lyrics. All the time I find different tunes popping in as something will remind me of a lyric.

    Oh and thanks for the ear worm, I too now have the song stuck in the middle of my head.

  2. Sorry 'bout that! It does have some serious "sticking" power.

  3. Funny post and oh so true. For me, I don't travel with music so I am always making up lyrics to songs while on the road. Thank goodness the helmet contains all the out tune singing.