Saturday, October 13, 2012

Celebrities In Their Own Ways

I went to the Pasta dinner tonight and found inspiration in ordinary folks.

Yesterday I read a motivating story about an ovarian cancer survivor who ran last year's race just days after being diagnosed and is here a year later, cancer-free to run the race again.  From the article, I learned that there will be a a whole 'team' of runners doing the race in her name.   When I walked into the ballroom for dinner tonight, I scouted the tables looking for a likely group to sit with and chose a table empty except for two women.  A good sign.  As I got to talking to them, even after we'd introduced ourselves, I suddenly realized that the woman sitting next to me was THE Becky, as in the Becky of that inspiring story!

The guest speaker for tonight's dinner was a fellow who tells a truly interesting and riveting story about running.  His name is Dane Rauschenberg.  What a story!  He had us all laughing with him.  And laughing at ourselves, because who in the room hadn't done some of the bone-headed things that Dane had done.  Great evening!

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