Monday, September 3, 2012

To the Berkshires

Okay...the Wendy's Kids Half Marathon is behind me (thankfully) and I'll now just move on - physically and mentally - to the next one on the calendar.  It's in Manchester Center, Vermont but before I get there I have a couple of days to chill out in North Adams, MA. 

I picked North Adams purely randomly.  I didn't want to head directly to Manchester Center.  But I didn't want to spend every night in a different hotel, carousing around the countryside, either.  So, relying on some distant memories of the western side of the state of Massachusetts, I settled on North Adams as a place to "park" for a couple of days.  As I said.  Purely a random decision.

It's a pretty town, tucked in among the Berkshires.  And the Holiday Inn where I'm staying is quite nice.  I'm on the top floor with a wonderful view out the window toward the west.  There's a Subway and a Dunkin' Donuts within easy walking distance, and in between those two places, a reasonable selection of other dining choices. 

Today, a couple of friends from the MTF came over to have lunch.  One of them lives in NH, the other in central MA.  One came by truck, to deliver a large tote filled with books from our now-defunct MTF library, the other came on his brand-new BMW GTL.  We had a hot dog and some onion rings at an institution in town called Jack's Hot Dog Stand, and then hung out and chatted a bit before they both took off toward home.  I suspect the one friend on the BMW went home the very long way.  I'll see the other friend again next weekend in Manchester Center, VT, since I've called a RTE for after the race on Saturday. 

So, until then...I think I'll just take it easy, hang out here a day or two, maybe put my running shoes on for a short easy recovery run, then head up to VT and hang out there for a few days until the race.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the sights of North Adams. The teaser pic shows promise of great architecture.

  2. Sorry to have missed you in North Adams, but gonna try to get to Manchester next weekend.