Friday, September 14, 2012

OOPS! Nashville Just Jumped Onto the Calendar!

Well, it's not like it was totally unexpected.  I mean...I had it "penciled in" on my calendar since January. 

But then a change to the MTF Founder's Feast date - pushing it back a week, from the 15th to the 22nd - created some interference.  So there I was, sitting on the fence, totally undecided what to do.  When registration opened for Founders Feast I went ahead and registered.  I even went ahead and booked a motel room.  These are easily cancelled but not-so-easily added at the last minute. 

However, the Nashville thing was still sitting there on my calendar, waiting for me to make a decision.  I was conflicted, because I really wanted to be in Nashville that weekend.

What is this Nashville thing?  It's the Women's Half Marathon race in that city...part of a series of races held in several cities around the country.  In fact, I was registered to run the one in St. Petersburg FL last November.  I had even traveled to FL, had my room booked.  But a bad chest cold that just wouldn't go away caused me to cancel just two days before the event.  It was a disappointment because this is a really cool race.  With a really cool finisher's medal.

So in January, when I decided I would go for a 50 states-50 half marathons quest, I immediately penciled the Nashville race onto my calendar because I really wanted to do one of these Women's Half Marathon races.   I knew that I would be getting the state of FL two months later by doing one of the Gulf Coast series races - the one in Pensacola - and that I already had earned the state of California when I did Big Sur with my son several years ago.  That made the Nashville race in this series the logical choice.

Now, nine months later, I was still conflicted.  I still wasn't sure I wanted to go to Founders Feast, yet wasn't sure I wanted to pay the high registration fee for a race I wasn't sure I could fit into the schedule.  Until yesterday.  Now that I was home after my big trip to the Northeast, I had time to turn my attention to the trip to Indiana for Founders Feast, to decide once and for all what I wanted to do, to work on a route to get there and hotel reservations enroute.  It was then that I realized it was entirely possible to do the half marathon in Nashville and still make it to Founders Feast in Indiana. 

The race was still open for registration.  The official headquarters hotel was totally full but I found a hotel room nearby...still within walking distance of the start/finish line.  Hot diggity!

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  1. Woohoo! You managed to work it out to do both, yay. Hope there is no chest cold involved in this one and you have a great time in Nashville.