Thursday, August 30, 2012

Starts Out as a Visit, Becomes an Evacuation

Last week my son called to say he wanted to come over from Mandeville with the kids to spend a three-day weekend.  My daughter-in-law was having an Officer's Wives get-together and so he wanted to get the kids out of the house to give her "breathing space."

So I made a grocery store run to pick up kid-friendly foods for the grandkids and adult-friendly food and beer for the adults, and they showed up around 5:30 PM on Thursday evening.  

It was a great visit!  We went to the pool on both Friday and Saturday.  We took the kids to Brazos Bend State Park to see the alligators.   I knew they'd have baby alligators at the visitor center.   And baby rat snakes.  And a tarantula.   We went to Steak 'n Shake for lunch.  We made pizzas for dinner.  We had "mini cinni's" - Pillsbury cinnamon rolls cut into thirds before baking - for breakfast.  We watched the movie "Cars."  Twice.  I bought a 16" bicycle for Trevor and he rode it whenever he could.

But there was a hurricane moving into the Gulf of Mexico with increasing odds that it would hit in the New Orleans-western Mississippi coast region.  Sunday morning, as my son was getting the last bits and pieces packed into his car for the trip back to their home, he got a call from his wife and it became clear to him that she was getting nervous and worried.  So a plan was hatched.  The grandkids would stay with me, my son would head for home in Mandeville, and my daughter-in-law would start driving from Mandeville to my house with a meet-up at the midway point to exchange cars.  Good plan!

A previously planned trip for me, up to the Northeast to run in a couple of races, meant not taking full advantage of the grandkids and daughter-in-law visit.  My loss, but on the bright side, my house wouldn't sit empty and my family would have a comfortable place to stay until the hurricane passed through and damage, if any, could be assessed.

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  1. I am glad you had a good visit with your son and grandkids before you left for your races. i hope they and their home managed to weather the storm without any issues.

    And good luck on the races!