Friday, August 3, 2012

Little Red FZ6 Gets a "Check-up" Today

Such a pretty full moon greeted me this morning as I stepped out the door into the early morning heat and humidity.  It was still dark, yet the morning temperature was 79 degrees as I headed out for a run.  Lots of folks out getting their walks in early, trying in vain to beat the heat.  My morning is never complete if I don't get to say good morning to my neighbor and her beautiful Golden Retriever!  Morning greetings and licks exchanged, I continued on my way, eager to get my run finished early, eager to get back to the house to get cleaned up and make breakfast.  My little red FZ6 has an appointment for major routine service at the Yamaha Dealer on the Southwest Freeway.

FZ6 gets her all her fluids changed and all
her pivot points lubed.
She was a little overdue for an oil change and checking the maintenance schedule, I knew that she also needed a radiator flush, brake flush, and new air filter.  I figured about 1/2 hour to get to the dealer's for a 9:00 appointment.  So, at 8:25 AM, I was backing the FZ out of the driveway.

But what's this?? No traffic??  The Sam Houston Tollway was a breeze!  Usually this stretch of the Beltway is a parking lot as cars stream on from the entrance ramps, and cars weave in and out jockeying for lane position before the US 59 interchange.  I found myself at the dealership early, but fortunately the service department was already open. 

It's a major service so I had plenty of time to walk next door to Taco Cabana for a coffee and an egg burrito.  A couple of bites of the burrito, though, and I wrapped the thing back up and threw it away.  So sipping on my coffee, I wandered around a bit, watching the sales floor staff arrange and rearrange the bikes, and to admire some of the Ducati's and Yamaha's. 

Derick is the technician who works on my bike and he came out a couple of times to give me an update, which I appreciate.  He said the bike looks good and runs well, no problems.  I thought the chain needed tightening, but he said it was within spec's and didn't need it.  I guess being a "lightweight" with a light throttle hand helps, since it seems it never needs adjusting. 

I was home before noon, just in time to make lunch and settle in to watch the afternoon Olympics coverage.

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  1. Service is a good excuse for a ride.

    I like how the technician kept coming out and updating you on the progress, just like being in the waiting room of a hospital while a loved ones has surgery. Made me smile.