Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things That Go Bump in the Night


I bolted upright out of a deep sleep.  What was that??  I flipped the light on and saw the cat next to me in the bed, ears perked up, looking up at the ceiling.  She heard it, too!

I sat there a moment, getting my bearings.  2:17 AM. 

THUMP, THUMPITY THUMP!!  There it was again!

Fully awake now, I could identify where the sound was coming from - the fence next to the house near my bedroom - and the probable source - raccoons.
Glimpse of three juvenile raccoons this spring

Two months ago I glimpsed a trio of raccoons sitting on the fence in my backyard, but it was only a brief glimpse before they disappeared into the yard behind me.  I remember thinking, "Oh, no!  Not again!"  I dealt with a trio of juveniles last year, finally trapping them and having them relocated.

After that initial glimpse earlier this spring, I haven't seen this new crop of juvenile raccoons and assumed they moved on.  Well apparently not.


Now they've jumped from the fence to the roof and they sound like a herd of elephants.  I grabbed a flashlight and braved the mosquitos in my backyard.  But training the flashlight beam up on the roof, I was unable to see them on the back side of the house.  Plenty of peaks and valleys on my roof and they could be anywhere!

Back in the house and the thumping moved back over to the rear corner of the roof, near the fence.  Aha!  My presence has spooked them!  More loud thumps as they leaped from the roof to the fence, one by one.  And then they were gone.  Maybe some barbed wire across the top of that stretch of fence would help.  Gotta work on that solution.

But now the cat and I are wide awake.  And it's 2:30 in the morning.  And now I'm hungry.  Darned raccoons!

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  1. Well that is a rude awakening.

    We have raccoons living in our sequoia out back. it is nice they don't stomp across the roof but I could do without the pile of poop under the tree, lol.