Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Miscellaneous Thoughts Today

It's been a rainy last few days but we need it and it's cooled things down a little bit, which helps. 

I'm glad I had a chance to get both motorcycles out for a ride last Friday.  I didn't even shower or eat breakfast, just pulled on my riding gear, grabbed the Zumo GPS and headed out to the garage.  The bike that had the Zumo cradle already mounted got to go first.  That was the BMW.  She and I did a nice little 85 mile loop, then I topped off her gas tank and returned to the house.  FZ6 got to go next, and I transferred the Zumo mount, started her up and off we went for another, identical 85 mile loop.  Both bikes ran well, had no issues, and at least now I can say that I rotated the air in the tires and moved the oil around in the engine on both bikes.  FZ6 needs to get in for a routine oil change but that's not going to happen for a while, since rain is forecasted for the next several days, and the following week I'll be taking the BMW to the BMW MOA rally in Sedalia MO.


I finally had some time to "learn" this new Garmin Forerunner watch.  I sat down with the user manual again, corrected some of the settings that I had put into place a couple of weeks ago, and then took it out for a run on Monday.  Pretty darned slick, I must say.  It's a unisex design so is a little large and clunky and the vinyl band doesn't want to make such a tight bend in order to fit around my skinny wrist, but I can deal with that.

I took it out for another run this morning and am really appreciating the mileage tracking.  Since I don't always take the same route every run, I'd been tracing my route after-the-fact using Microsoft Streets & Trips.  It's a tedious process at best.  Now I don't have to do that.  Just sit down at the computer afterward and enter distance and time into my mileage log at Runners World.  I like using this log because it has a "gadget" I can attach to my blog.  See that little "Running Stats" box over in the right column just below the motorcycle/Vicksburg photo?  Here you can spy on my diligence, keep me honest.

Both of my runs this week have flirted with rain and on both days I've had folks say to me, "Don't get wet!"  They just don't understand!  They're out there walking, umbrellas in hand, hoping that they'll finish their walks and be safely indoors again before it starts to rain.  And I'm praying that it will start to rain while I'm out there running, BEFORE I get back home.  Please rain!  Please bring cooling winds, pleasant soft raindrops!  Please drop the temperature about 15 degrees!  I really wouldn't mind!


I got my photos from the Milwaukee Half Marathon in the mail yesterday.  Most event photographers now have instant download options, but apparently the company handling Milwaukee's race hasn't taken that leap, yet.  But they did have a great package for a great price:  all photos printed 4x6 plus all files burned to a CD for just $49.  It took a little longer to receive (no instant gratification) but still pretty quick.  I think this is the most images ever captured of me in a race!  From doing these races for so many years, I've learned to look for the photographers so that they don't catch me looking pathetic.  Every runner learns this lesson pretty quickly.  Here are a few of the many taken of me along the race route.

I can smile and wave, but there's no getting around the fact that camera lenses don't lie.   I love it when the photographer catches me in mid-stride.  It's like catching a person's "good side" in a photo.  I can look at the photo and pretend that I'm really not that old. 

That's as opposed to when the photographer catches me at the end of my stride, with my landing leg fully loaded and compressed.  That's when gravity takes over.  Here's where my age really shows.  I hate that "elephant knee" look, the thin, wrinkly skin that now encases my legs and sags with every landed step.

Here's my favorite photo from the race, with Milwaukee skyline off to my right and a large American flag waving behind me as I run over a pretty bridge in Veteran's park, just one mile from the finish line.

I don't know what I've been thinking all these years, but it's only been since the Houston marathon in January of this year that I've taken the few moments at the finish line to pose for a finisher's photo.  Brain-dead I guess.  Now I know better and do it at every race that has that set-up at the finish line.

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  1. Great pictures of you. I like that you are smiling throughout the race and at the end.

    I am glad you finally received some much needed rain. I can see how you'd want a little cooling rain while out on a run - funny that people tell you not to get way.

    And you both both bikes out in one day. Good job. I bet they were happy to get out and stretch their legs too.