Thursday, July 5, 2012

Garmin and Kickin' it Out the Door

[Groan]  It was 6:00 AM and already hot and humid.  But I needed to do two things this morning.   Get my first serious run in after doing the Milwaukee Half Marathon....and try out my new Garmin Forerunner.  It's so geeky.  And so big and clunky.  I wanted to use it during that Milwaukee race, but I just couldn't get the hang of it in time.  So my trusty 10-year-old Timex Ironman - the one with the well-worn velcro strap and recently replaced battery - did faithful duty as my timekeeper during that race.

This morning I really needed to get this run done.  I must say that the first 100 yards down the road, I just wanted to turn around, go back to the house, and crawl back into bed.  Let's just say that first mile did not go well.  I felt like I was running in peanut butter.  Wait...maybe I was!  I was appalled when I saw my split time for that first mile.  It was ugly.  Okay, pick those knees up, lift those feet, pick up the pace.  Stop doggin' it.

But then, as all bad starts do, things got better as I found my groove in the second mile.   A quick glance at the face of the Garmin now and then to look at the time, and things seemed to be going okay. 

I stopped at the Carriage House mid-run but couldn't remember how to stop the timer.  I hit a button that then started a new lap.  Well, crap!  But then I focused a little more closely on the other data that appears in tiny little fonts on the screen.  What's this??  What I thought was the distance number was showing what looked like 2.44, yet I knew I was well into mile 3.  Talk about demotivational!   And because I didn't actually stop the timer when I took a break, my calculated running pace was slowly creeping up toward a walking pace, even as I stood there and watched it.  Further demotivation!

When I finished my run I still couldn't remember how to stop the timer and only managed to bump the thing up to lap 6.  Geez!! 

Reading glasses on and instruction manual in hand, I figured out how to stop the dadgum thing, and I figured out that what I thought was distance was calories burned (without the imaginary decimal that I thought I was seeing). 

Well, I was pretty certain that, when I set the device up, I selected distance not calories as one of the display choices.  So, back to the drawing board to get that fixed in the set-up menu.   

Maybe the next run will go better!


  1. Isn't technology fun? Not.

    I hate it when they make gadgets some complicated you need to be a scientist or computer programmer just to try and figure them out.

    It sounds like the manual is helping you out though. You might find some tips on a forum too with google search.

  2. You will master this Garmin as well