Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Grandma Weekend

When it comes to being a grandma to two adorable grandkids, getting to spend time with them alone, away from their parents, is the best! 

I drove over to Mandeville on Thursday with plans to stay the weekend so that son Jeremy and daugher-in-law Christina could attend a formal Navy event in New Orleans on Friday night with no worries of driving home late at night.  They could enjoy themselves, have a few drinks, then make their way to their hotel room afterward without getting behind the wheel of the car.

This means that I got to spoil the grandkids!  Let them eat whatever they want, watch whatever they want on Netflix, let them stay up as late as they want!!  Let the fun begin!

Friday morning I put Mimi in the jogging stroller and headed out for a good 2 mile jog.  My caretaking in earnest then began at 2 PM when Christina drove away, headed for the hairdresser's and then to the New Orleans Hilton.    The heavy rains kept us indoors so we resorted to some pre-recorded episodes of a children's show that I'd never heard of before:  Wild Kratts. 

I brought the makings for chocolate chip cookies and got started on these while the kids watched Wild Kratts.  Trevor wasn't interested in helping make them but he was definitely interested in helping to eat them!

So, with mom and dad gone, I found myself responsible for making them dinner, getting them bathed, and putting them to bed.  I can do this...  Right.   Mimi was easy.  She was more than ready to hit the crib.  Trevor, on the other hand, was still going strong.  So let's see just how long he can last.  8:00 PM.  8:30 PM.  9:00 PM.  9:30 PM.  He was showing no signs of slowing down.  But grandma was.  So I bundled him off to bed and hoped he'd lie down and lull himself to sleep. 

As I was getting ready to crawl into bed, I heard a knock at the door and a tiny little Trevor voice asking me what I was doing.  "Getting into bed, Trevor, and so should you."  I took him back into his bed, resisting his heartbreaking little pleas for me to stay and talk with him for a while.


Cornell Hawk-Cam:  Apr 30 2012
Saturday morning, after we were all up and fed and dressed, the three of us went to the nearby park, Trevor on his bicycle and me pushing Mimi in her jogging stroller.  As we entered the park, a red-tailed hawk swooped down in an attempt to nab a squirrel right next to the sidewalk.  The hawk missed its catch, but landed on the sidewalk just feet in front of us to regroup.  We stopped in our tracks and I was able to get a great close-up look at the hawk.  Such a wonderful coincidence, since I'd been avidly following the U.Wisconsin and Cornell Hawk-cams for the last month.  The eyeasses in those nests are fledged or mostly fledged at this point, but it has been a wonderful learning experience following their development from eggs to hatchlings, to fledged hawklets.

Cornell Hawk-Cam:  two of the three hawklets June 3 2012
Unfortunately for us, not too long after arriving at the park, we heard the not-so-distant rumble of thunder and saw the blackening skies, so we packed up and headed back to the house.  The area has been experiencing heavy rains for the last two days, with only little breaks in the rain, enough to tempt and tease us out the door.  But this was only a tease.  Soon it was pouring!

Back to the house, lunch in our tummies, and just as I was putting Mimi down for a nap, Jeremy and Christina arrived home.  We had a lazy afternoon, with both Christina and Jeremy taking naps (up late the night before?!) and then we ordered out Chili's meals for dinner.  I needed some "adult" food after a couple days' eating young child-appropriate finger foods.  Ribeye steak and shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli for me!  We stopped at the grocery store to buy milk and I picked up some brownie bites and some Blue Bell ice cream for dessert!

Sunday morning Jeremy, Trevor, and I went to Target and Home Depot - mostly to get Trevor out of the house while Mimi took a morning nap.  We had hamburgers at Five Guys for lunch, and then returned to the house just as Mimi was having lunch. 

I packed up my car and headed for home, leaving Jeremy and Trevor to watch their new movie, The Lion King, and Christina and Mimi to get ready to go to a birthday party. 


Epilog:  It was a good visit and another great opportunity to develop deeper bonds with my grandkids.  And no trip to Mandeville would be complete without bringing home the latest cold virus mutation!  Trevor was on the downside of a cold, his nose still a little snotty and with a hacking cough.  So of course I started to develop some tightness in my chest on Monday morning and am now - Tuesday afternoon - the owner of a full-blown chest cold.  Small price to pay for a great "grandkid" weekend!

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  1. You know, if you give Jeremy and Christina too many nights away from the grandkids, you'll end up with a third one right? (cue evil grin)

    Sounds like a great weekend, well, except for the chest cold. It is amazing what petri dishes kids can be. Feel better soon.