Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is It! Flying Pig Weekend!

This coming weekend I will confirm that pigs do fly, that nothing has changed.  Except - hopefully - the weather!  First time I ran this race was in 2010.  The rains were biblical.  The rains caused significant flooding down in Nashville TN and made standing at the start line, lightning cracking all around, downright "electrifying."   And 2011 was a repeat edition of the previous year's race.  Heavy rains at the start and soggy wet shoes and socks, clingy shorts and shirt.  But the benefit of all this wet stuff is cloud cover and cooler temperatures, which have given me some of my best times for a half marathon.

So Thursday morning I'll hit the road headed to Cincinnati and the this year's version of the Flyng Pig Marathon/Half Marathon.  Forecast is for temps in the low 60's at the start and highs of 88 for the day.  This is pretty warm for a race.   But these last couple of weeks here in Houston have been sultry and I'm ready for this.  Cincinnati...bring it on!

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