Thursday, May 24, 2012

Such a week!

It's tough being retired...but someone has to do it!

So this past Sunday morning I got up early (no help from the cat) and took a little ride down south for a couple of photo ops. 

Monday morning I set the alarm for 6:15 - I didn't want to be doing a long run with the sun getting high in the sky.  Out the door by 6:30 AM and, with temperatures not too bad, I managed to get a 6.6 mile run in before it got too hot.  Some clouds on the eastern horizon helped a lot in this regard.  Lots of walkers out early.  Guess they all have the same idea as me. 

I really needed to go grocery shopping too, so, rather than wait until I was fed and cleaned up - which would have guaranteed that the store be busy - I pulled on a t-shirt over my running singlet and jumped in the car.  My strategy worked!  HEB wasn't busy at all and I was able to zip through the store quickly, throwing items into the cart and then heading to a checkout with no line!  Gross and sweaty?  Who cares!  At my age, efficiency trumps appearance.

Wednesday morning I thought I might get another run in but, yet again, the cat let me down!  7:30 AM wake-up and the temps were already 75 degrees!  Not a chance!  Anyway, I had tentative plans to ride one of my motorcycles over to Wild West BMW/Honda/Kawasaki in Katy TX to meet a friend for lunch.  Actually, to bring lunch and have a little picnic right there in the customer waiting area of the dealership.  So that's exactly what I did.  I hopped on the Zooty BMW and rode over to the Subway Sandwich shop near my house to pick up lunch.  Friend Steve emailed his order and, email printout in hand, I walked up to the counter and placed my order. 

Sandwiches safely tucked in my sidecase, I headed west toward the dealership in Katy. It's nearly 40 miles from my house, all freeway, but that's a good thing!  As hot as it was by 11:00 AM, stop-and-go would have been torture!  At least on the freeway the 65 mph wind coming at me felt pretty good.

At the dealership, Steve and I had a good visit for a couple of hours, interrupted periodically by another customer who, with only a little friendly chat initially, felt emboldened to come back and ask our advice on a BMW-branded GPS he wanted to buy, then to have a little discussion about bluetooth on his new Shuberth helmet, and then some talk about our riding experiences.

Eventually I felt the need to get back on the road before traffic picked up on the Beltway - it starts getting busy by 3:00 PM and nearly gridlocked by 4:00 PM - so I said goodbye to Steve and headed for home.  It was good.  Zooty BMW needed to stretch her "legs" a bit.


I absolutely had to get a run in this morning so, not trusting the cat to do her job, I set the alarm again for 6:15 AM.  I was out the door by 6:30 AM into temperatures that were already way too warm:  76 degrees at 6:30 AM!   Holy cat treats!!  It's still only May!  What's it going to be like in August?!

I expected to hear from my son the night before about their possible visit over the Memorial Weekend.  He didn't call last night, but I did have an email from him, waiting for me to log in this morning after my run.  It confirmed that they would be driving over tonight after work.  This means an 10:00-11:00 PM arrival.  I ate a quick breakfast, pulled a t-shirt on over my running singlet and headed back out to the grocery store, this time to stock up on grandkid provisions. 

Enroute to the store I called my daughter-in-law (hands-free bluetooth connection!) to get input on the shopping list.  I knew I needed to buy milk for the kids, since I never have it in the house, but what else will I need?  DIL added a few items, and cruising the aisles of the store added a few more things.  Store was nearly empty, so the shopping went quickly!!

Well, since there's a McDonald's right here in front of the store...what the heck!  Why not pick up a large latte to enjoy this morning?

I can't wait for their arrival tonight!!

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  1. One day, I too will be retired. I am glad you are enjoying yourself, as I am sure you earned it.

    I would love to have your temperatures. Mind you I don't like it when it gets above 85 or so.

    We are on day 5 of rain. I am hoping it clears up for the weekend, we'll see.

    Have a great weekend with you family.