Saturday, May 19, 2012

Slept in....again!!

Where is that cat when I need her??  She wakes me up at the crack of dawn most mornings, whether I need to get up early or not.  Now, this morning...that was a different matter.  I woke with a start, realizing that the bedroom was flooded with sunlight and that I'd been hearing the noisy mockingbirds in my subconscious for quite some time now.  I sat up to see the clock - 7:30 AM - and it was then that I noticed that the cat was next to me in bed, sound asleep.  Darned cat!  Sleeping on the job!

You see, I wanted to get a run in this morning, possibly a slightly longer one.  You know, start building the miles up again as the Milwaukee Half Marathon draws near.  But here in south Texas, 7:30 AM in mid-May is way too late in the morning to think about anything more than an hour's worth of running.

So I crawled out of bed, went to the bathroom, and pulled on the running clothes that were still sitting in a pile next to the bathtub, left there after Thursday's morning run.  Shoes laced, watch strapped on, it was now or never. 

Already the sun was getting high.  Areas of my route that are normally shaded were in full sun.  There'd be no shady respite for me this morning.  I have several running route choices, and this morning I decided to do the "all the side streets" route and to stop at the carriage house at the midpoint to grab a drink of water.  This route ensured that I'd have a little bit of shade on a couple of the side streets.  It would also keep me as far away as possible from a bail-out point.  No sense tempting me with a chance to quit too soon. 

The run didn't take me as far as I wanted it to, but it did take me out the door and down the road a piece: 4.3 miles.  Maybe Monday I can get an earlier start and get a longer run in.


  1. lol, sure is a precious little one you have there. thank you for motivating me to get out this AM. and YAY, another IBA member! :) great blog!

  2. Why is it kitties wake us up early on the days we want to sleep in, but don't wake us up on the days we want to get up early?