Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Pocket Challenge

Friend WendyVee posted a link on the MTF forum, so I followed it...Wocket in my pocket...and read it and decided to take the challenge!  It is interesting how we're all different when it comes to what we pack on the bike, what we feel absolutely essential to a safe and happy trip, and what we feel is unessential, frivolous, or downright inexplicable excess cargo.

So here are the contents of my riding jacket and riding pants pockets - items that routinely come with me, safely tucked away in one of a variety of pockets on all of this armoured riding outerwear.

Three, and only three, items...

The tissues always live in the left lower pocket of my riding jacket, as do the earplugs when I walk away from the bike.  The key goes either into the right lower jacket pocket or into my right pants pocket (if I'm leaving the jacket on the bike). 

And so...that's it!  Nothing else lives in the pockets of my jacket and pants.


  1. Thanks so much for playing along. It is always nice to have new people drop by and participate when we start something like this. It is how we find new blogs to read.

    Happy riding.

  2. Very neat. What's the secret?

  3. I am with you on keeping things to a minimum, however I got to thinking if we had a getoff wouldn't it be wise to have the phone on you very having in a tank bag or elsewhere on the bike. So now I carry the phone on my person, either pants or jacket.