Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ferry and Plantation for Mother's Day

My son Jeremy had done his "homework" and had some very nice things planned which involved the kitchen, including making homemade-from-scratch pizza Saturday night and a full breakfast Sunday morning for Mother's Day.   He's such a wonderful son! 

We thought we'd go for a picnic lunch on Mother's day and my son had even thought of that, purchasing some nice wrap sandwiches and packing them in a cooler as we headed out the door, destination unknown.  What we did know is that we were going to ride the Plaquemine Ferry and give my grandson and granddaughter their first-ever ferry ride.  There were no plans from that point...we would just take it as it comes... look for a good picnic spot.

Trevor was suitably impressed with the ferry ride!  It's a very small ferry and the transit time across the Mississippi River is relatively short and interesting, just perfect to hold his attention and get him excited.  We were parked at the front of the ferry and could watch out across the "bow" at the river and the oncoming shore on the other side.  Waves sloshed up onto the deck right at our feet, which gave it a "primitive" feel, very different than the experience would be on a larger ferry.  We disembarked onto the muddy dirt road in Plaquemine and turned left onto pavement.

Then we headed down the River Road, destination unknown but we soon found ourselves coming up on the Nottoway Plantation.  Perfect!  We pulled in, found a little picnic area, and had a great little lunch, then turned the kids loose on the grounds of the plantation to explore, run, and have fun. 

We worked our way back toward Mandeville, shunning the interstate and taking tiny little back roads to Hammond, then east for a little bit on I-12 toward Mandeville, but not before stopping at the Cherry Berry frozen yogurt shop for a treat.

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