Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Time!

Whew!  Where to begin?!  From late Thursday evening to Sunday evening, it's been a busy weekend with lots of family time...lots of memories made....and lots of sharing!

Son and family arrived late Thursday evening and eased the kids out of their car seats, into the house and into their beds where they promptly fell asleep after a very long day.  After brief hugs and greetings, my son and daughter-in-law disappeared into the guest room and crashed for the night.

Chalk artwork - a driveway keepsake!
Trevor creates some alphabet
Friday morning everyone was up surprisingly early for breakfast.  Trevor was getting restless so Christina put him in the car and drove down to Galveston to see the beach and have lunch.  The rest of us stayed close to the house, just hanging out.  We played games, we spent the afternoon in chairs under the big oaks in the front yard just chilling out.  When Trevor and his mom got home,  he rode his bicycle with his dad.

Mimi just loves the piano!
My son made a significant beer run to pick up the microbrews he's unable to find back home while I fired up the smoker and got a rack of babybacks going for supper that night.   Corn on the cob, salad, a loaf of fresh-out-of-the-grocery-store-oven bread, and we had a veritable feast!

The Houston Children's Museum was offering free admission for military families over the holiday weekend, so the plan was to get up early Saturday morning and head over there as soon as the doors opened. But Friday evening, we realized that my grandson only had flipflops and he'd need closed-toe shoes in order to play on many of the fun activities in the museum.  So daughter-in-law Christina made a late night run to the nearby Academy store to find some suitable shoes for him.    Disaster averted!
Mimi didn't feel well...
She and I had quiet time.

Watching kids programming
Saturday morning I woke up early and got a 3+ mile run in.  Then I started the coffee and soon Trevor came out of his bedroom to join me.  We were eating our cereal together when the rest of the family finally woke up.   At the breakfast table it was clear that little granddaughter Mimi was not feeling well.  I suggested that I stay behind with her while the rest of the family went to the museum.  This turned out to be the best option, since Mimi immediately went down for a 3 hour nap after breakfast.  We had fun together, just the two of us!  She woke up looking a little bit more rested and we had lunch, watched a few children's shows on Netflix, played the piano, had a snack.  But she soon "cratered" again and took another long nap in the afternoon. 

I grilled some chicken that afternoon while son and grandson went to the pool for a short swim.  It was a busy, busy day for Trevor and he was clearly exhausted at the dinner table.   The chicken came out great!  I'm not even sure I could duplicate that effort!  Christina made a wonderful salad to go with and we had another fantastic feast!  I have to stop eating like this!

The piano was a big hit all saw more use than it's seen in months. 

Mimi and her dad playing
a duet

Trevor and Mimi waiting to
go to the pool.
Mimi and her animals...
I got another 3+ mile run in Sunday morning and then got Trevor settled in front of a bowl of cereal as we waited for the rest of the house to wake up.  Then, undeterred by the heat and the mosquitos, we headed over to the pool, packing a light lunch of peanut butter sandwiches, Chex Mix, strawberries, and baby carrots.  The grandkids had a great time!  But for some reason, grandson Trevor was terrified when one of Mimi's little animal toys floated over to one of the pool filters and got lodged in the basket. 

Underwater Trevor!!
From that point forward, he was obsessed with keeping any of the toys we brought - and we had a bunch!  Wind-up floating bugs, Splash Balls, Mimi's little menagerie of floating tub animals - out of the pool.  Nothing we tried would distract him from this obsession.  We even took the cover off the filter basket so that he could see that none of the toys could get "sucked away."  Eventually it was disruptive enough that we had to pack up and go home.  He was clearly exhausted from the weekend, from being in a different house, from having a couple of very busy days, and from dealing with a different routine.
Mimi tries her out her swim legs
So back to the house, and we put Mimi down for a nap and tried to get a very tired Trevor to take a nap, as well, but with no success.   But Christina did manage to keep Trevor in his bedroom having "quiet time" until 3 PM. 

Mexican food for supper!  We all were in agreement that Mexican food sounded very good and, besides, mom was getting tired of kitchen duty.  So we headed over to Don Pico's - one of my favorites - for an early dinner with the promise to ourselves and to Trevor that we'd go to CherryBerry afterward for dessert if he ate his dinner. 

Well, everything was going well until Trevor's plate was delivered and on it was his taco - all good - but the taco shell was bright green.  Anyone with kids knows that "different is bad" when it comes to food.  So we finally flagged the waiter down and asked if the green taco shell could be traded out for a normal taco shell.  They were very helpful and ended up cooking a fresh tortilla, since they only had green taco shells, and preparing a new taco, which Trevor promptly dumped, contents and all, into his lap.  He picked it up and held it upside down - open slot facing down - and of course gravity won.  Suffice it to say that this meal was not going well for him.  But with lots of coaxing and cajoling, he finally calmed down and got what his parents deemed was enough food into his stomach that we could finally pay the bill and leave, and to fulfill the promise of CherryBerry for dessert.

Stuffed beyond full, we headed for home, where son and daughter-in-law started the sad task of getting things packed up, rounding up all of the toys that mysteriously got scattered all over the house and staging items near the front door.

Now it's Monday morning and they're packed up and gone, heading home after a great (for me) weekend with the kids!  But the house is way too quiet, the floor in the living room way too empty of toys and books, and the kitchen counters way too uncluttered.  I miss them already!

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  1. Wow, you packed a lot into your weekend.

    It sounds like you had a great time with family though and your grandkids are adorable!!