Sunday, May 20, 2012

Didn't Sleep In This Morning!

Ha!  Take that, you lazy cat!

One of us (and it wasn't the cat!) woke up this morning with a mission.  Get one of the motorcycles out and go for a little ride.  Early.  In the morning.  Before it gets too hot.  The cat was - you guessed it - sound asleep on her back, legs all akimbo, in the bed next to me.  She barely stirred when I got up and got moving.

There's a little motorcycle photo "tag" game going on at the MTF Forum and yesterday's "tag" got my juices flowing.  I've not participated in this particular version of "tag" yet and, really, I can come up with no excuses for not doing so. 

There's another version of "tag" going on as well, but it's harder.  It requires that the rider go to the actual spot that's been tagged by the previous rider, take a photo of the location with bike, then move the "tag" to a new location.  This has proven too daunting for our MTF group, since we live all over the country.  The "tags" have sat "untagged" for months, unloved and unphotographed, simply because folks either can't find them, or don't have the time to get to them. 

But this other version - the one that I wanted to jump in on - only requires that the rider go to a site similar to the one left by the previous tagger.  Did the Tagger photograph a gravel pit?  Just find a similar gravel pit in your area, take a photo with bike, then go find another interesting location/sign/structure and move the "tag."

The last tag was of cows.  that was Friday.  I was already planning on getting out this morning (Sunday) to fire up the FZ - she's not been ridden in a while.  I wanted to grab that tag, since there are more than an abundance of cows within 2 miles of my house, but someone beat me to it, tagging some cows yesterday and moving the tag to an airplane. 

Well, undeterred, I kept my plans to get up early this morning, only this time I'd go find an airplane.  Easy to do, since there are at least 3 airports within a few miles of my house.  I opted to ride down to Brazoria County Airport - a location I knew and where I was sure of getting up close and personal to an airplane. 

The weather couldn't have been better!  Clear skies, low humidity, no wind (a rarity this close to the coast).  I zipped down SH-288 to Angleton, took the exit for the airport and easily slid into the parking lot next to a plane anchored on the other side of the fence.

Back onto 288 heading back north toward home, there's a giant statue of Stephen F. Austin right alongside the highway.  This will make a perfect new "tag."

All anyone has to do is find a large statue - anywhere in the country - and take a photo of their bike in front, and they'll capture the "tag!"

Oh, yeah.  One small detail.  The rules say that the rider's gloves must appear in the photo.  Thought I'd pass that along, just in case you got a wild idea to jump into this game.  ;-)


  1. I always find the forum photo tag games to be interesting. We've had both the one where it has to be in the exact location and also the similar one too. The similar one is the more popular around these parts as well.

    Good job on getting up early and getting out there. Hopefully there was less traffic then too.

    1. Yep! Early Sunday traffic at all! Plus heading south, away from the city. I sometimes forget how just going for a little ride early early on a weekend morning feels so good. I get all caught up in other things, like getting an early run in.

  2. We have a bunch of tag games going on up in NE, some are state driven, but like yours we do have a theme tag and one other where the pic you get the last letter in the sign must be the first letter of the next tag. These move quickly and brucing goes on all the time. Careful they can be like those little round stamps, if you know what I mean