Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rejoice the Green Growing Things

2011 was a hard year in Texas.  Record-shattering drought had most of the state in the "Exceptional Drought" state - the most severe drought rating - for the entire 12 months of 2011.  The large lakes and reservoirs just north of Houston were nearly dried up.  Thousands of trees died in the city, leaving the many beautiful inner-city parks mostly bare and shadeless.  Ranchers and farmers experienced losses in the millions of dollars, as their herds and crops withered and died from lack of sustenance.  I commented in this blog last summer about the convoys of trailers carrying large bales of hay west on I-10 from the southeastern states to Texas.

This spring has been different.  Very different.  We had rain, rain, and more rain.  And plenty of it!  All lakes to the north of Houston - the city's primary sources of drinking water - are now 100% full.  We are well ahead of the year in total rainfall so far.  The convoys of hay have disappeared, as the grasses have grown thick and lush on the prairie. 

And as far as the Spring of 2012 goes, all of the trees and flowers in Texas had a statement to make.  It's as if Mother Nature had a lot of making up to do.  The live oak trees went way overboard producing flowers with copious amounts of pollen, and anything that blooms - wild flowers, flowering trees - have been putting on a real show!  Everything is so richly green!

My own yard looks the best it's looked in a couple of years.   The daylilies are thick and lush and sending multiple-budded flower spikes. 

The roses have had their first blooming "flushes" and the number of blooms have exceeded anything I've ever seen on these bushes. 

These are just the early bloomers.  Soon to show their "colors" will be the Althea, Crape Myrtles, and hosta.  Even my lone camellia is showing promise of coming back from the near-dead after a withering year last year.  The Lantana is just starting to bloom as are the society garlic.   This is the time I love as a gardener!

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