Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gulf Coast Half Marathon - The Evidence

Somewhere along the route
I can remember running in some brutal temperatures and humidity in past races and training runs.  Afterall, training for Houston's full Marathon meant doing 10, 12, 15 mile runs when the Houston weather was still locked into summer mode.  And here these last couple of years, when I've run half marathons in September, it's meant doing my longest training runs of 11 or 12 miles in late August. 

Near mile 12
But it seems the older I get, the harder it gets.  This past Sunday's Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Pensacola Beach proved that point.  Starting temperatures were in the mid 70's and the sun was already well up in the sky.  Within an hour the course became a torture device.  No delicious off-shore breezes - they were blocked by buildings or sand dunes -, sun turning the asphalt into a pizza pan.   Misting stations would have been nice but hard to arrange out there on that desolate beach road.

As good friend Steve likes to quote, "That which doesn't kill us makes us strong."  It could have been worse, as those who ran the Boston Marathon the next day in 80 degree temps can attest to.

But in the end, as another good friend said, "It's all about the medals."  And here's another very unique one to add to the collection. 

Next stop:  Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon/Half Marathon in early May!

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