Thursday, March 8, 2012

Waffle House Madness

There's this fun Grand Tour going on called the Waffle House Grand Tour, which entails getting photos of the bike with the Waffle House Grand Tour flag in front of - you guessed it! - Waffle Houses.  It runs the full 2012 calendar year and awards are earned for grabbing the most Waffle Houses, riding the furthest from home for a Waffle House photo, getting at least one Waffle House photo each month, just to name a few of the competitions within this Grand Tour event.

Since I don't live in a Waffle House-dense area, there's no point trying to compete for greatest number of WH's with those Southeastern boys, who live in Waffle House's home state of GA or one of the adjoining states.  So I'm not killing myself to collect them, just making sure I get at least one a month. 

However there are other contests within this Grand Tour that I can compete for.  Working with the IBA, Michael Hickman - brainchild behind this Grand Tour - is also offering the riders a chance to earn an IBA ride certificate.  I thought about this and realized that there are a few opportunities to do one or more of these as I ride to and fro to various upcoming events.

The first such opportunity is my trip across I-10 to Jacksonville for the annual IBA party.  The distance is around 850 miles (give or take) and I usually make this trip in one day, anyway.  So why not tack on another couple of hours of riding and do a Waffle House SS1000?  Even better...why not do a 1,000 mile loop west out of Houston, stop at the house overnight then head east for another 1,000 miles to Jacksonville.  This would make it a Waffle House SS2000.  And of course there's the trip back home, where an easy detour past Houston to Columbus TX and then to home will turn this into a SS1000.
Waffle House SS2000 route to Jacksonvulle

Waffle House SS1000 returning home from Jacksonville

Maps are routed to include the requisite Waffle Houses at the start and finish of the rides and the 10 Waffle Houses along the way for the SS2000 and the 5 Waffle Houses along the way home for the SS1000.  These will all be unique Waffle Houses - no duplicates - which is easy enough to do, given the wealth of these little yellow and red boxes along I-10 and I-12.

I have the routes loaded into my Garmin 550 and am pretty sure I'll be doing this trip on the FZ6.  I've checked her tires, moved the Garmin cradle over to her, and am staging things in a pile on the kitchen counter as I get ready. 

I have collected Waffle Houses in two states so far, and will add another four on this trip.  Let's see how many more state flags I can pin onto my rally flag before this thing is over.

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  1. These Grand Tours blend very nicely into the National Park tours for me and gives us places to go when not riding for NP. We are doing the Smoke Chasing one. Have fun out there !!