Monday, March 26, 2012

March Waffle Houses

This day is too perfect to let go to waste!    I chowed down breakfast, jumped in the shower, and then pulled on my riding pants, pulled the Olympia Airmesh riding jacket out of winter hibernation in the closet, and headed out toward Baytown to grab three more Waffle Houses.  Zooty BMW got to go on this little day ride with me.

My three Waffle Houses today will be:
Waffle House #1207, Fairmont Parkway in LaPorte
Waffle House #896 on Hwy 146 @ I-10 in Mont Belvieu
Waffle House #920 on Garth Rd @ I-10 in Baytown

WH #1207
LaPorte TX
I took the Beltway east to the Fairmont Parkway exit and then worked my way east to the first of the three Waffle Houses...the one in LaPorte.  The entrance to Hwy 146 was just a block away. 

This makes a perfect little loop, perfect because I could route myself over to Hwy 146 and then north over the Fred Hartman Bridge, a spectacular example of a modern suspension bridge.

Fred Hartman Bridge, Houston Ship Channel

Once over the bridge and riding north on 146 toward I-10, a large flatbed 18-wheeler pulled up even with me on my right side, his window down, so that he could give me a thumbs-up and nod of approval.  I gave him a big wave of thanks and he then eased off to let me finish passing him.  Nice gesture!

WH #896
Mont Belvieu TX
Continuing on, I neared I-10 and could see the Mont Belvieu Waffle House sign sticking up well above the interstate overpass.  A quick pull-in to get this photo and I was on my way, onto I-10 westward the few short miles to Garth Rd in Baytown.

WH #920
Baytown TX
Getting into the Waffle House parking lot from Garth Road was a little trickier than most, since it's a busy six-lane road with turn lanes and lots of traffic and lots of back-up at the light.  But finally a break came and I could scoot through the three lanes of traffic and into the parking lot. 

Photo is taken, and now I continued west on I-10 to Beltway 8 heading south and over the Ship Channel Bridge.  I love this bridge nearly as much as I love the Hartman bridge.  Both are very tall and command excellent views for miles and miles out over the ship channel and the bay.  There was little to no wind, so it was easy to crane my neck a little more than usual to get a good view on this crystal-clear day.

Perfect day for a nice little ride!

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  1. I DO LIKE that Fred Hartman Bridge! But you already knew that! I've also ridden across it in some really nice beautiful weather. But I'll never forget the time I was riding across it in such a heavy, blinding downpour that cars were pulling over and stopping UP ON THE BRIDGE. The structure swaying in the wind and the rain coming down so fast that water was up to my rims even up on the bridge was all very exciting! In a scary sort of way. I stopped at the first decent exit I came to on the other side!

    It was two days after that crossing that I met you face to face for the first time. :-)