Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Half that Was Even Better

Remember how my last post was entitled, "Half is Every Bit as Good as the Whole?" was probably even better.  Call it serendipity.  Or use the expression, "Sometimes things work out for the best."  Either will do.

My truncated SS2000 - turned into a SS1000 - resulted in my driving to Jacksonville rather than riding.  While I was in Jacksonville I received an email from my daughter-in-law, letting me know that Grandparents Day at my grandson's preschool had been moved from that next Friday to Monday, just 3 days away.  This was actually much better for my travel schedule...and so much better that I'm in the car and not on the bike.

Nice weekend with my son and his family...and cute Grandparents Day!

When I arrived at my son's house Saturday afternoon, the delicous smell of corned beef filled the house!  They had prepared a corned beef with carrots and potatoes and had an Irish ale chilled and ready.  Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Sunday morning I went out for a little run, and Trevor rode along on his bicycle to keep me company. 

Monday morning was Grandparents Day at Trevor's preschool and the students put on a musical performance for their audience of doting grandmas and grandpas. 

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