Tuesday, March 6, 2012

50 States Marathon Half-Marathon Challenge

Without specifically planning for it, I now find myself the proud owner of  marathon and half-marathon finisher's medals from several U.S. states.  I was aware of the 50 States Marathon Challenge, but only recently learned that there was a similar challenge for half marathon runners.  I knew I'd never accumulate full marathons in all 50 states, but half marathons?  Now that's entirely possible! 

So for 2012, I've changed my focus, and am looking outside of the state of Texas, rather than repeating the same Texas races year after year. 

I've completed Marathons/Half Marathons in the following states so far:
Hawaii, California, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Michigan.

But the year's not over yet!  I have a few more half marathons on the schedule for 2012.  I'll continue to update my blog...and this map....as I add more states to my collection.

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