Monday, February 27, 2012

T Minus 6 'Til Little Rock!

Yep!  Less than 6 days from now I'll be lined up at the start for the Little Rock Marathon/Half Marathon.  I've been watching the weather forecasts, mentally packing for the possible weather contingencies, and worried that my last long run a week ago won't be enough preparation.  And convincing myself that I'm being ridiculous about this.  I did, after all, just run a half marathon 3 weeks ago and, in any other circumstance, this period would be spent in taper-down mode for the upcoming race.

I'll leave Friday morning early, to get ahead of the morning rush hour traffic, since I'll have to traverse Houston from south to north, driving straight through the heart of this congested city.  Then, when I arrive in Little Rock sometime that afternoon, I'll check into the hotel and walk next door to the Fitness Expo to get my race packet, browse the wares.

Saturday I'll go in search of some nice lunch and might even walk the short several blocks to the Clinton Presidential Museum.

Sunday morning I'll do the race, clean up afterward and check out of the hotel, then stop at the first McDonald's I pass, to get a cappucino to go before hitting the road for home.

Gosh!   Reading back over what I've just written makes this all sound so routine, but believe me!  It will be far from routine...a race in a new-to-me city is always exciting!  I'm really looking forward to doing this race, its route taking me across the Arkansas River twice and then winding through several of the historic neighborhoods and past the Governor's Mansion in this architecturally interesting city, before returning us back to the Arkansas River and to River Market and the finish line. 

Running a half or full marathon is certainly one way - and a really good way - to get an intimate view of a city.  Don't you agree?

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