Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Waffle Houses

I decided to get out for a couple more Waffle Houses today, get a couple more up "on the board" for the month of February.  One of my goals is to be sure to post at least one Waffle House every month.  Our Drama group is in rehearsals for a spring production, but rehearsals got out early enough that I could get home, change into riding gear, and get out for a couple of Waffle House photos by lunch time. 

Keeping to my strategy of holding certain Waffle Houses in reserve for future planned rides and for late in the year, when no road trips are planned, I mapped a route that took me on some pleasant roads to get to a couple of stores down near the coast.

The sun was struggling to peek out from the high cloud cover, but never quite made it and, even though the weather man said temps would be in the low 60's, they struggled to get out of the low 50's.  I left the electric jacket liner behind and, while not quite cold, I was on the edge, especially when I got down near the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston.

Waffle House #999 in Lamarque, TX, at the intersection of FM 1764 and I-45:

Waffle House #1260 on 61st Street in Galveston TX:

My Waffle House Grand Tour rally flag and some new "bling" for my motorcycle:

Personalizing the rally flag:

It felt good to get the Zooty BMW out for a nice 100 mile ride!  Later this weekend or early next week it will be the FZ's turn for a little "spin."    Wonder where we should go??

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